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  1. 68z27

    Members in Florida

    Gainesville (aka Hogtown) FL.
  2. 68z27

    How old are you!!

    Well......61, but it's not the's the mileage
  3. 68z27


    ottO, it looks like a Texas black rat snake (that is in need of a meal) 🐍 :)
  4. 68z27


    ottO, you...just...can' with those roller cam brakes, can ya? :inlove:
  5. 68z27

    Frame building resources

    Thanx Cap. What a great idea. I have seen several Members be generous with their experience and those that are hungry to learn and not afraid to try. I have been loosely and haphazardly making notes but this thread will help us post successes and failures/mistakes (that will be me ;)). I see...
  6. 68z27


    What little info I have is the pic was pulled from a 1899 newspaper (name undisclosed). "These modern wheels may be Sterling, Spaulding or the Lyndhurst, Orient, or the Waverly, all carried by the Bennington Bicycle Co 1890s (Bennington Vermont)." I have a cyclist friend who grew up in Vermont...
  7. 68z27


    Very neat indeed! My 1st nice mtb was a C'dale with roller cam brakes, approx 1986-87 vintage (later got stolen in NM). In fact my favorite mtb still has roller cams which I feel work well the muddier and swampier the trail gets which is common here in north FL. My bike didn't have the 24/26...
  8. 68z27

    Vitus 992

    CD58, dont you know there are a lot of old roadies that are turning over in their "proverbial" graves at the sight of straight bars on a Vitus: I love it....looks good!
  9. 68z27


    Wouldn't Otto (spelled backwards) be ottO?:p Welcome! cool rides!......
  10. 68z27

    Next build off…………9/1/23

    Assembly such as this is what I would have expected to see from a fork that is bent mid-steer tube. I am still trying to figure out how the steer tube could be bent without the forks being bent: poorly adjusted or loose head tube? Or crazy washers between fork crown and head tube??
  11. 68z27


    Look at these 2 hotties - nice lines..... (aw c'mon. I'm talking about the bikes!
  12. 68z27

    WANTED Mooneyes Dyno bike/mooneyes Nirve seat

    Good morning, JC. I know there are a lot of options regarding mooneyes discs. What model/type do you have (front and rear?)? You can PM me at your convenience or I can give you a call......matt
  13. 68z27

    new member

    Welcome! There is truly a wonderful group of people here. Hope you enjoy............
  14. 68z27

    the I'll show you OFF TOPIC bike thread

    BTW, has anyone seen a 90degree elbow (or whatever) to shorten the length of valve sticking out on a tube??
  15. 68z27

    the I'll show you OFF TOPIC bike thread

    I wonder that if the inner valve on a schrader tube is removed, you might have a larger ID hole to put water/jell-o whatever into. Perhaps get an old Slime bottle to see if that works.....
  16. 68z27

    Next build off…………9/1/23

    Hmmmm, narrow and lengthen the tractor seat. It already has enough of a back lip (perhaps) to look like a banana seat, and add a couple of matching holes in the back lip. Now that would be funky to see.......
  17. 68z27


    Thanx @ifitsfreeitsforme. Back in the day we had BMX, crusiers, MTBs, road bikes and (one of my favorites) cyclocross. I hadn't heard of gravel bikes 'till I got back into bikes. There were some gray areas with MTBs running 1 1/4" Specialized slicks and road/touring bikes w/ 700x32 knobby tires...
  18. 68z27


    Cool pics. That middle one reminds me that "Ohoooooo, we should have tacos tonite"
  19. 68z27

    Next build off…………9/1/23

    will someone explain to me (or post pics) of what a pig bike really is? (photo courtesy of our Mediterranean Sea expert Funkme)
  20. 68z27

    "Nameless No More - Now MONOLITH!"

    Well I've got naturally curly 1980s rock-n-roll hair and I need all the help I can get while zooming by!