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  1. Gearhead Kevin

    Just joined this week. I live in South Texas, am 66 and a professional Santa Claus.

    So you're a Santa ? I'm going to need you to forward me that list of naughty girls that you keep. Welcome sir. I'm brand new here myself.
  2. Gearhead Kevin

    Your happy place

    I am a loner in real life. So this is my view about 20 hours per week. It's a necessity for my mental health.
  3. Gearhead Kevin

    Show us your Cars!

    In the picture I posted it's lowered 4 inches front and rear. But, it's been all different configurations in the time I've owned it. I'm not kidding when I say that it's a work truck. I put the camper on it last weekend. It's getting winter time so the camper is handy.
  4. Gearhead Kevin

    Show us your Cars!

    My daily driver is an old Mazda minitruck. It's actually way nicer than the pictures show. I've got a well done drivetrain in it and everything underneath it is freshly rebuilt and powdercoated. And I also have an LS swapped Chevy C1500 that sits in the garage a lot. It's the one I've spent...
  5. Gearhead Kevin

    Are you a led foot? IE speed demon or a light weigh? IE conscious driver

    I'm a senior driver at the fire department where I work. That allows me to drive the newest fire engine in the busiest district. It's a status thing among the department, If I get a ticket I get removed from the truck I'm driving and demoted. Suffice to say, I toe the line as far as traffic...
  6. Gearhead Kevin

    From 1 bike guy to another

    I can see who my local Craigslist competition is (I'm joking)....
  7. Gearhead Kevin

    What have you been riding lately?

    I've got a pretty good 30 mile route on a primitive gravel path near where I live. So I put together a 1992 Trek 950 earlier this year to get my long off road miles on. It's lived up to what I envisioned when I started the project.
  8. Gearhead Kevin

    Texas guy here

    Yes. It's gotten so much worse in the last ten years that I can't in good conscience do car projects anymore. Way too much financial outlay Thanks man. I'm literally right on the lake at the south end. Yes sir. I actually bought a frame out of the classifieds here yesterday. I'm thinking it...
  9. Gearhead Kevin

    *MBBO/ORBO* - So, who's in and for what category??

    I'm going to be in for an ORBO project. I just ordered one of those Summit Workhorse frames out of the classifieds from @ind-chuckz. This seems like a good project to expand my skill set, namely build my first wheels. It will be a patina project. I like scrappy used parts and scrappy bicycles...
  10. Gearhead Kevin

    Texas guy here

    I don't talk much. I'm here to learn and get inspiration. I'm a old busted up fireman. When I was younger I was deep into the car and old motorcycle scene. Now I'm more laid back and just prefer to ride my bicycles and goof with projects.