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    Custom build 57 chevy lowrider bicycle

    taking shape and looking great keep it up 8) 8)
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    1996 Dyno Coaster Build So Far

    love that color and nice to see a UK builder :) 8)
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    28" Springer fork and 24" front fender

    I know its a bit late but have you thought of a downtube mudguard ? like they put on mountain bikes
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    First Burrito

    Well done cool build nice lines :wink: 8) :)
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    Duct tape

    thats brill :D :D I like it :)
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    1962 Schwinn Motored Bicycle "The Titletown Flyer"

    Anything that is homemade and has an engine has to be tested by the Ministry of Transport its an expensive form of an MOT costs about £400 then it would need taxing and insuring etc.In other words all this country is bothered about is how much cash they can squeeze out of you and if they can not...
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    How To Build Dope Wheels

    Been looking for info on length of spokes to do a twisted wheel set .Might have a go now . 8) 8) 8) Thanks for the info :)
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    1962 Schwinn Motored Bicycle "The Titletown Flyer"

    I agree POR928S its the same here in the UK no motorized push bikes the law stinks ,But this bike rocks could be worth breaking the law a little to have one like this :wink: :wink: 8) 8)
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    Dub's industrial build - Reborn

    That disc is sic how did you mount it to the wheel . 8) 8)
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    Late 30s CWC double bar roadster

    that is one cool ride 8) :) 8)
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    Fat & Sassy

    Nice color and the rims are just what the doctor ordered 8) 8)
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    Bridgstone Blouson aka The Tron Bike, reassembly update

    Re: Bridgstone Blouson aka The Tron Bike unusual frame but very interesting build :) :)
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    Old Wearwell Cycle Co. build

    very clean build no nonsense bike :o 8) 8) 8)
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    Building of TubCycle

    great fun build look amazing only the kitchen sink missing :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    First build -- Big Boy BMX

    Love the tyres wish the UK was as patriotic about its country as the USA ,Here we are told to remove our flags in case it upsets the ethnic minority`s or face going to court as a racist . :cry: :cry:
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    "Jr Rat" "Done?"

    Coolest kids bike I have seen up to date great build
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    My dad's bike...

    This bike is fantastic only thing missing is Jonny Rambo lol and the chain guard is somthing else :D :D
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    Headhunter (Finished!!!)

    impressive build :)
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    Old School Sidecar (Now Trailer) build for Western Flyer

    No excuse not to take the baby with you :D better not let the wife see this :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Bratz bike build

    crazy rim LED`s