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  1. Chuckerdoo

    Beach Picnic: Done, and she likes it!

    Well done Buckeroo!
  2. Chuckerdoo

    Beach Picnic

    You big jerk! I know you have more progress done! Get your pictures up so that I have something to do while I am at work!
  3. Chuckerdoo

    wheel help

    Sorry for asking a question that is answered earlier in the post. :D
  4. Chuckerdoo

    wheel help

    I did not ride far on the wheel. As soon as I started bobbing up and down I got off the bike right away. Yes, the spokes broke in a similar spot. Not all of them were right next to each other, but they were all on the same side of the wheel. I am fairly new to this new love of my life, is truing...
  5. Chuckerdoo

    wheel help

    Re: What about a slightly bent rim? I was riding my bike home the other day and I started slightly bouncing up and down, like the road was a bit wavy. After inspection I found that I had about 6 broken spokes and the wheel was starting to warp under the weight. I walked the bike home, and I...