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    SOLD Set of used Felt whitewall quick bricks

    I’m interested in the wheel set. Sending you a message
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    Swingbike frames

    Message me some pics and info
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    Swing Bike

    Thanks Rusty
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    Swing Bike

    Any swing bikes out there for sale? im in California
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    SOLD FELT Hurley Frame - $50 not a joke!

    Message sent
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    Looking for wheel set

    message sent
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    24” 3 speed wheel

    Great looking set of wheels! that red tho!!!
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    Looking for wheel set

    I am in CA. What are you asking for the wheels and tires?
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    Looking for wheel set

    Any felt wheel sets or 26X50mm wheel sets for sale out there?
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    SOLD! Felt fat tire rims

    Day late. Good find!
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    SOLD Swing bikes

    Great looking bikes! Still available?
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    CWC/Road Master Cycle Truck Find

    On my way to pick up this Ol girl. I’ll post more pictures when I get it home. If anyone has any info would greatly appreciate it. I don’t onow too much about these bikes and I know there’s some never out there with some great knowledge and history. BTW posted in wanted section, I’m looking for...
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    CWC/Road Master Cycle Truck

    Just picked up this ol girl and looking to buy the correct basket and mounting parts that go to this bike. Info or whatever else you have for this ol bike too? Any leads will also be appreciated.
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    Old advertisement for wide hoop wheel sets

    Right on Joker thats the info I was looking for. Thanks!
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    Old advertisement for wide hoop wheel sets

    Does anyone recall an ad that ran on the Rat Rod home page for 26" complete wheel sets, I believe were 50 mm wide and available in multiple colored hoops? What happen to that? Im looking for some new wider wheels and can not recall who those were made by or where to get them.
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    Rust sorry too waaaay long to get back to you. I lost the numbers for bikes, then I forgot about this post and I just remembered now. I had a total of five Monark and Firestone bikes, but not only have two and someone sandblasted the numbers off of one. I did find one other one but bike is gone...
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    I will do that and see how it goes from there. If need be can I get these internal parts easily or will I have to find another hub? Thanks guys
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    I have this rear wheel on my fiances bike that slips when under power. it doesn't do it all the time but does slip for some reason even when just cruising and not from a stop to start. the wheel is a schwinn S2 i believe and the hub only says germany on it. The brake arm says Schwinn Approved. I...
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    Wheres the grocery getters? Rack thread

    Here are two of mine... DSCF5450 by cinco05, on Flickr Coming home from the Farmers Market! IMG_0080 by cinco05, on Flickr
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    Chain style

    yoothgeye so I think I may have lied to you a little bit. This chain does have some rounded edges. This link I found has what style chain I was trying to describe. I am almost positive I saw it posted on the forum somewhere but for whatever reason never bothered to save it. I am still searching...