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    Re: PROJECT PORKCHOP BMX 26" LANDRACE (3-11 UPDATE) FREEKING S I Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    24" and 26" Jerald Slick Tires (Square Tread)

    Well its March. The last time I talked to Tim, he said they were only kranking out 26"s in whitewalls... Wish the square tread gods would let them krank out 24" whitewalls!!! Trust, these would b SIQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, Im rocking 26" Jeralds (front &...
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    "RU" Slammed? (pics)

    b*tchin' :mrgreen:
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    DIY bikestands

    heart the car rim base platform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    Ape's for life! FTW LOL :mrgreen:
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    Curtis Odom rides a Rat Rod!

    welcome. greetings. cheers in 2011! i surf in the seal beach to newport beach areas (southern cali) ~keep slidin' :mrgreen:
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    Barn painted and beautiful CWC Western Flyer (Done)

    clean sproket, clean spring rodz, fat tire, head light & added tank... LQQks killer!
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    CL Parts Score

    schwinn hubs, i likee
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    '49 Schwinn B6 - Men's Ballooner

    Re: 1949 Schwinn B6? that is tight!
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    RUSTROCKET DELUXE - the auction rat nr. 1

    BTW, Are those shorty cranks that Monterey is sporting!? Thanks 8)
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    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    Being a po' boy with (struggling/old skool/3rd world) parents I grew up with Huffy's & AMF's while the well off families blessed their kid's with Schwinn's, GT's etc. I was still just as hyped as the next kid though. Sometimes I'd steal bikes too :| But now I earn every single thing I possess...
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    Decoding #MO3005022, J5305518

    Yeah this is a 1980's? Murray Monterey. The person I copped it from claims 1984. The official Los Angeles Olympics sticker state's 1980? Nothing serious, I was bored :? but I just wanted to know. Thanks RatBike world! Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance, Harmony & more bikes to all! Happy 2011...
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    Murray Monterey rat

    KQQL Murray. I have the exact same one. I just copped one yesterday, tuesday 12/28/10. By the looks of it, it's the 1984 Murray Monterey (Los Angeles Olympics) edition. Ya thats right, anodized gold rims, sproket & fork. Mine still has the official sponsor of the Los Angeles Olympics sticker on...
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    Can you fab one for a 1984 Murray Monterey!? Please touch base if you can. Wish you were in Southern CAlifornia lol :? Touch base, thanks Happy New years, Lee
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    Schwinn Panther - back to stock!

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    Air Ride Bike

    F'ing sik. Heart how the seat lays near rear tire :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Another build by Curtis Odom

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    '61RustRats ride

    Thanks guys! BTW MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
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    De~Code #Y6901865, Huffy!? Murray!? !?!?!?

    Shure. Im prolly gonna have help posting pics lol. Hopefully soon. I know its pathetic but my laptop skillz stink :? lol. I'll be working on it Stretch, thanks!
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    someones on krizzack LOL :oops: