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    Baker Electric Trike

    Took a single seat child trailer, stripped it, and flipped it upside down. The bottom is now the structure for an awning and the curved trailers roof is what got attached to the back of my seat. I used motorcycle handlebar attachments too. Upgraded the steam whistle...
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    Baker Electric Trike

    Took advantage of the beautiful Fall colors in Virginia. On the New River Trail.
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    Baker Electric Trike

    Its only been a decade since I last posted... Finally got my hands on a used recumbent trike last year. $400. Its a trident trikes 26" terrain. Spent a year tearing it down and ordering upgrades & replacments. Its now a 10 speed with a Bafang HD. 23mph on flat with some severe "shimmy" and...
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    When do you work on your bikes?

    Never! An hour or two on the weekends and that's it. I'll have more time when my house construction projects die down and the workshop is finally built.
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    Axle too big for dropouts

    I just took my Dremel with a cylindrical grinder and just opened up the slots on the forks. Took about 5 mins.
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    money pit

    I was trying to make a sociable tandem a couple of years ago. It was even going to turn ice cream for me! I think its going to morph in a Morgan 3 wheel thing-a-ma-jig. $50 - Steel $72 - Spokes $100 - Walmart MTB $10- Tube $30 - Tires $40 - Rims $70 - 20mm 48h disc brake hubs $15 - huge RH...
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    This is my rust removal operations. Tub with OA, tub with water and baking soda, newspaper laid out for WD-40 spray down. I sold my nice tank to someone on here, and kept the rusty Betty. This was me mocking up with the girls 20" bike I bought. Going to use the frame for a large sweeping...
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    Actually, I didn't know what those were called either. Thanks for taking the plunge Big A. :lol:
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    Wow, those both look great!
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    Not getting anywhere on the build. Too many hours at work. This weekend I'm going up to Boone so nothing to be done again. I'm still mostly cleaning and washing parts over and over and over. I'm wishing I'd not bought such heavy rusted and pitted parts for cheap. :x I have finally worked...
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    This is a picture of the girl's X53 (not mine) My tank is already painted in the red/blk/chrome scheme. Haven't done much with the build. I'm still taking parts apart and soaking them in Oxalic Acid (Barkeepers Friend bath) then cleaning them up.
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    Sure thing. I think the girl's frame is a different brand but they were both made by the "Cleveland Welding Company" so it matches up perfectly like a Western Flyer.
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    Western Flyer

    I probably would have got it, but the GF was with me. (She gave me "The Look" when I started to drool) I may stop by there again this week and pick it up when she is not looking. :lol: I did get a Sears Craftsman Table saw with extensions and a Craftsman drill press for $140. Practically...
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    Western Flyer

    It was in an antique shop for $45. I didn't get it. Was that a mistake? :|
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    Well I started taking the beast apart tonight to begin the clean up. She's giving up a good fight. I kept turning the kickstand bolt until it just sheared off. Ouch. :x I got to start cleaning the garage to make room for this.
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    Any E bike enthusiasts in the house?

    I currently have a 48V 1000watt (500 overvolted) on a Cruiser. It gets about 14miles here in the mtns. I'm using SLA and those weigh about 80lbs all together. Least to say I have worn out the brakes multiple times. The front motor has a lot of Torque! I first put it on a folding road bike...
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    ----But first things first, in order to win the $25 Walmart gift card…we gotta pump their stuff, so here it is… Walmart is making biking easier and affordable, offering: - An assortment of girls and boys bikes starting at $58 - Several bikes available only at Walmart including the Kent Super...
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    X-53 Tadpole (His & Hers)

    This build began here: I will be building a His & Hers tadpole recumbent from parts of my Western Flyer X-53s. This will be a slow, slow, build as I'm doing a lot of home projects for my house. I also want to electrify these with...
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    Will I be banished if I do this?

    Below Asheville Area Or a Schwinn Autocycle. :wink: __________________ Ok, folks. I appreciate the comments. They have all been very insightful. I will start a build thread. Maybe if I can detach myself long enough from the GF this weekend I can start tinkering. __________________
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    Will I be banished if I do this?

    In case anyone else is itching to PM me... See below. (I received permission to post this PM from the author) _____________________________ Sent at: Sat May 26, 2012 by ***** ******** I have a tadpole recombent greenspeed .. $$$ bucks.. I will trade you for these bikes.. do dont do that to an...