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  1. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Decided to throw some apes on it for fun. Should be a hoot to ride! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. Turtlesixfour

    Springer bike id

    Trying to figure out make and model of this bike that I am working on for a friend. I've never seen a springer like this. One bolt hole where the head badge was. It has new wheels and tires and a new seat and post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Turtlesixfour

    FACEBOOK WOW - 137K!!!

    Re: FACEBOOK WOW - 25K!!! I agree %100! I would rather be judged by my fellow builders and get 6 votes than be judged by a popularity contest and get 60 votes. Builders whatch builds while everyone else sees finished bikes. With that being said I am thankful for having the chance to compete...
  5. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Thanks outlawalice! I may come in last place! I love my bike though and that's what it's all about.
  6. Turtlesixfour


    Couldn't have said it better myself? This is also my first build on the site and the 2nd bike I've ever built. I'm super glad that I got brave and entered this year. Hopefully we will help to inspire others to jump in next year. It was worth every drop of sweat and blood. Truly honored to...
  7. Turtlesixfour

    Firewing 1953 Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe (2nd) - 3/15 TRADED

    Re: FireWing 53 Columbia 3 Star 8/3 COMPLETE DONE PHOTOS+VIDEO! That tail light and door knob shifter are perfect rat rod accents! Dig the #8 valve caps also. Nice touch. The bike turned out great!
  8. Turtlesixfour


    The louvers give it that old school style! Dig it!
  9. Turtlesixfour

    ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples. New Pics.

    Re: ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples. Pure rolling art! Very nice.
  10. Turtlesixfour

    Resistance Is Futile (aka MegaPixieRay)

    Great homage to the Pixie! Love the trick seat also. :D
  11. Turtlesixfour

    GUMBY RUMPUS by Junknutz1975

    Wish I had those green tires on my bike. And I'm drooling over the spark plug valve caps also! Me want!!!
  12. Turtlesixfour


    Looks ready to race! Great touch with the 13. Nicely done!
  13. Turtlesixfour


    Sharp bike! After seeing the finished product it's hard to imagine that it was a girl's bike. Great work!
  14. Turtlesixfour

    Kermit JC Higgin Flightliner

    I second that! They will surely see you coming. Dig the bent springer fork also. I got started on this bike thing with lowrider bikes.
  15. Turtlesixfour

    Avocado, the name that now has no meaning!

    Nice! Love that tank and bars. Nice touch with the chess valve caps. I have never seen that done before. Beautiful in the raw!
  16. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Today I am finally done with Bad Luck! Thankful that I had the time to take a few photos before dark. There are so many amazing builds again this year! I can't wait to view all of the finished bikes. From what I have seen it is going to be super difficult to pick my favorites. I would...
  17. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Well decided to use white so it would show up better on the green. Now I have a "negative" Felix. Think I will run with it.
  18. Turtlesixfour

    Bad Luck

    Getting my head badge and chain guard stickers from the printing press tomorrow! Outlawalice came up with the final design and got it ready for the printer. Think it's going to be sweet!
  19. Turtlesixfour


    Re: ☆★☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆★☆ RRBO#8. EARRINGS? WHAT ARE THEY FOR? Awesome bike! Looks like something Judge Dredd would ride.