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  1. schertztx

    Higgins but how old ?

    Thanks Nick!
  2. schertztx

    Higgins but how old ?

    Make me an offer Terry, I have $50 in it.
  3. schertztx

    Higgins but how old ?

    when i bought this, i was thinking mid fifties or so from the cell phone pics i had. An aquaintance called and said they found a bike in his mother in laws property and wanted to know if i wanted it. I certainly didn't want to discourage those kind of calls so I offered $50 thinking that if...
  4. schertztx


    schertztx here but I don't use it as much as I should!
  5. schertztx


    This one I will buy. :)
  6. schertztx


    Probably so, we have a 2 yr old so no golf cart for us, (I tried but the wife said NO) :mrgreen:
  7. schertztx


    Ha! We were down there for a long weekend "vacation" as well and got back home Sunday. From the looks of your pics, we weren't far from you either on the beach. Right by Sandcastle, and the beach access road next to it. :D
  8. schertztx

    Rat Tri bike?

    I was thinking about using one of my rats and enter my first tri next weekend! Not quite what you were thinking though I'm sure. Sure would be funny to get a pic of the transition area with my bike sitting there :D BTW, I changed my mind when I saw the course and the hills. :shock:
  9. schertztx

    What is burning man???

    wish there was a "like" button here! My wife is a fire performer also, and though we haven't been to "the" burn we go to our regional burns every year. At first it didn't sound like fun to me but after going, is is what you make of it. No one cares what you do and doesn't pass judgement, they...
  10. schertztx

    No More Bikes! More Space for Mockups

    Re: No More Bikes! If you figure out 16b, make sure you post to tell us all how you did it!! :mrgreen:
  11. schertztx

    Metallic Purple Paint

    Their clear is called clear effects or clear fx After seeing the thread from udallcustombikes, I knew that was the purple that I needed, so I painted a cranbrook for my mom with the duplicolor silver base and purple metalcast, here is the frame in an iphone pic, sorry. here is the fender that...
  12. schertztx

    Metallic Purple Paint

    they have a purple metalcast also, spray it over metallic silver or the duplicolor metalcast base coat and it looks like purple metalflake
  13. schertztx

    Removing clear coat from chrome Spaceliner?

    On mine the clear was flaky in a few areas so I scraped it all off with a razor blade, then just kept going over the whole frame. This semed to work the fastest and didn't hurt the chrome at all. Then spent more time on the rusty spots with steel wool (seat tube etc. )
  14. schertztx

    Summary of all mass market chopper bikes made in last decade

    Huffy used that frame for lots of promotional stuff, I have one that originally was a "Shamu" bike with sea world logos and all. Black, BEEFY tripple trees, and white stickers on it to make it look like a killer whale :shock: Also had Kenda flame 20X3's front and rear.
  15. schertztx


    and this is posted in the right area? :roll:
  16. schertztx

    Triple Tree for 20"?

    These in the pic are with a set of 20X3 wheels/tires that were on a kids bike i picked up off craigslist. Here is the frame they were on. Most tripples are adjustable to be long or as short as you need and the only limiting factor would be head tube size.
  17. schertztx

    Looking for a bike.

    This popped up on Austin Craigslist today. sorry, just realized it isn't the same bike, but it is close.
  18. schertztx

    please help support my small bike shop!!

    Nice work on that memorial piece! I guess you could say I am into tattoo's, here is a shot of my current work in progress, all hand drawn and inked by my little brother 8)
  19. schertztx

    please help support my small bike shop!!

    Bikes AND Tat's? How could you NOT like that? 8) :D
  20. schertztx

    Martin's Bike Shop Ephrata, PA

    Cool shop, CycleTruck (member here) just moved up there a couple weeks ago. He had some pics from a local auction that happens every tuesday. Scored some nice bikes from there for cheap! 8)