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    I'm not making an offer on it, but for some reason I'm seeing the Pink Panther in this chain guard? Clearly the '70s and the 80's were good to me. I think. Oh! No! now I'm seeing Chester Cheetah! Whoa! ....! :21: Oh man. Good times.
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    FOUND Murray Rat Trap mounting bolt

    Beautiful work right there.
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    FOUND Murray Rat Trap mounting bolt

    A good machinist, a lathe and matching thread die? I'd prefer the McMaster-Carr method myself if I were in a rush to get it done. Otherwise I'd wait and see what the universe, the bicycle gods and a kind enthusiast may provide. You know someone out there has a cigar box full of them. Heck, I...
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    GOT PIC.S ?

    Agreed. And this is one of the best forums for posting photos, unlike some others that are stuck in the 20th Century. :grin: So there's really no valid excuses anymore. Photos! Do it!
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    1990s Dyno Gt Duece beach cruiser bicycle 26 inch

    I love :heart:that triple tree. Giving it away at that price. No doubt if there was shipping she would be... :D GONE!
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    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    It's like looking into the fuchsia and seeing the past! But yeah, still not green.
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    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    Wow, way to go mate! You are an inspiration! I'm working on keeping my weight down as well. Keep up the great work there.
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    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    With great beard comes great responsibility. Confucius
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    Trailer load of boxed bikes.

    Game on! But there's only 8 of them. 🤔 Where'd the other 12 go? 🙂
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    Trailer load of boxed bikes.

    I guess it all sold. I'm not seeing the ad either. Well that was fun.
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    Trailer load of boxed bikes.

    Not mine. Craigslist Long Island. Container of NIB bikes. Ad says 20+ bikes for $1.200. Anyone's guess as to what could be in there. Image from CL ad.
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    Schwinn Stretch Cruiser / CL Long Island

    Not mine, but looks amazing. Custom work. Just the frame and forks. Images from CL ad.
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    looking for some Schwinn parts

    I usually trawl the local thrift stores for parts bikes. Been known to pick up the random Raleigh for rims and Sturmey Archer parts. Sometimes a good seat shows up as well. But I know how it is when we're going for the totally original. It's just gotta be... totally original. It's out there and...
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    Funny stuff my wife says... about my obsession's / passion for bikes.

    I get a '41 Schwinn New World. Wife: "That's cool. Where's mine?" I search and search and finally find one in Connecticut. Epic seafaring tale, wherein I take the ferry over to Bridgeport, the guy shows up just as the ferry is closing the gates! I make it in the nick of time. Phew. I get the...
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    His and Hers Schwinn New World on CL Long Island
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    Stolen Radio Bike on CL Long Island
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    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    Ah, New York. The place where every breeze seems to whisper... Hey, whattaryu lookin'at buddy?
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    Jude's finds

    I'm no expert on Whizzers, but I think it's a Whizzer. Notice how the nuts hold that belt pulley at the crossing spokes. It doesn't even use washers. Unless it's an extremely rare bike made by an elusive engineer that managed to forge the belt pulley and calculate the distance from each spoke...
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    SOLD 1940s Hawthorne 26 inch tank bicycle

    Wow! What a price! Practically giving it away with those digits. Too bad I'm over here in the Northeast. And it's my old high school alma mater colors, red and black. Go Raiders!