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  1. Cliffy541

    Classic Rat

    This build is coming a long nicely. Thumbs up!
  2. Cliffy541

    Wheel Building Please try this at home!

    Nice work, I will be attempting to do some wheel work soon and am dreading and avoiding it....
  3. Cliffy541

    Newbie from Washington

  4. Cliffy541

    Removing head badges?

    Thank you Both! I didn't even consider that option. I'm glad i asked the question on this forum before i took a dremmel to it! Thanks again!!!
  5. Cliffy541


    Picked up a 60's Columbia for my wife And got me a straight bar 51 CWC frame... Not sure what to do with it yet, I will have time to think about it as my wife is anxious to get some cruising in with this nice weather.
  6. Cliffy541

    Removing head badges?

    need to get this done so i can get back to my other projects... Although i really like this frame its got double top step thru bars that continue threw the center post && i can fit a gas tank i got off a JC Higgins so. this will be fun.
  7. Cliffy541

    Removing head badges?

    Doing a restore for my wife (1960 Columbia step thru). The head badge has the rivet type that u can't un screw. What is best way to remove with out damaging the badge. That raises another question. When re-installing how do u put it back on??? Im a noob! Any suggestions??? Please help.
  8. Cliffy541

    straight bar frame?

    Thank you.
  9. Cliffy541

    Old Barn Bicycles betty sue & bonnie lou

    Wow! what a find, good score! barn finds are sweet. :D
  10. Cliffy541

    straight bar frame?

    Thanks! If you can tell me the exact year that would be great!!!
  11. Cliffy541

    How old are you!!

    33 yrs. as of yesterday! Live to ride, ride to live!
  12. Cliffy541

    straight bar frame?

    Thanks for the advice SlowPed, I appriciate it much! After looking at the serial # closer there seems to be a "AC" or "A3" after the "f28640". I will keep investigating. cheers, -Cliff
  13. Cliffy541


    Nice bike & VW!!!
  14. Cliffy541

    straight bar frame?

    Thank you for your help! How did you get your bike ID'ed? Is there a CWC database out there? I looked online but no luck. Thanks again- Cliff
  15. Cliffy541

    straight bar frame?

    Picked up a bike from a buddy last weekend, not sure what it is. No head badge, serial # is partially there. He said he believed it to be a Cleveland Welding Co. bike. Can anyone confirm or shed some light??? thanks.
  16. Cliffy541

    Eldorado Rat - AKA Ellie

    Amazing work!!!! The before and after on the rear hub, and the overall transformation is inspiring! I love steel wool but I may need to look into some of the other prep work u did to bring new life to your bike. Thumbs up!
  17. Cliffy541

    First Build: Charity Case

    I picked up the wheels from someone on Craigslist. They are newer and off a box store beach cruiser, but for the price I had to pick them up. Got chain today from lbs. and it rides pretty smooth. My father in law stopped by and I couldnt get him off of it!
  18. Cliffy541

    First Build: Charity Case

    I raced home after work today and installed the chain i got at my lbs, and road it up & down my block!!! Very smooth ride. Very excited to take it out in the nice weather we are finally getting here in oregon. I've accumulated lots of extra parts durring this build so.... I'm actually excited to...
  19. Cliffy541

    First Build: Charity Case

    Much appreciated ! Thank you!
  20. Cliffy541

    First Build: Charity Case

    I call it charity case because my buddy started me off with a rusty frame that was sitting in his back yard. paint and finding parts... I broke off the rusty acorn nuts so i welded on socket head M8 screws to the truss bars only thing i bought new was the seat... I love the Brooks...