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  1. Scovilleater


    Welcome! What's the bike? Can you share some pictures?
  2. Scovilleater

    Out and about

    Just tell her I said yes... And I have a space to park it. Granted we would be sleeping in it as soon as mine finds out.
  3. Scovilleater

    Reticent Ram Rail

    After watching this same clip over and over, just enjoying the the true... Very nicely done! However, it dawns on me, I don't recognize the stand. Please sir, what is that?
  4. Scovilleater

    New member

    Welcome. And yes, pics please.
  5. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    It has been a busy few days. First of all, there are options with the green rust. However none that are actually stable. I dove in well above my head! I don't have a PhD in chemistry, so I'm going to go with basic iron oxidation. Second, I am sorry Captain awesome. There is no way I can wait...
  6. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    Well now..., that I did not know. And here I thought it was all stock, or so was told. Which come to think of it, isn't really surprising. I pulled the fork to look at the steerer and found the headset bone dry. The next day or so will see the hubs and BB repacked. Seriously, I appreciate all of...
  7. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    Wait ..., what? Oh, I think I just got tingles!
  8. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    Brooks B66, check Beartraps, check Short knobbies, check - I'm fond of the Rene Herse 26″ x 2.3″ Humptulips Ridge TC Tire BMX bar, I still don't yet... Maybe Apes What I do know is that it's getting stripped and a full rust. I even just learned that I might be able to pull off a radioactive...
  9. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    OMG!!! You, you, your in my head!!?
  10. Scovilleater

    Bikes I likes

    I totally love the lines. The 29'er give it too tall of a stance. And that crankset is way too clean. But that's just me. I remember bashing chainrings into all kinds of things.
  11. Scovilleater

    It's alive!!!

    First, I would like to thank you for so graciously accepting me into your fold! Now then, Along time ago... (Harrumph)... Wait, wait... That's a different story. Where was I?... Oh yeah! Not long ago I took a notion that I NEEDED another bike. Now we get to the good part. Pull back the curtain...
  12. Scovilleater


    Thank you! I'm definitely going to be researching now. Living in Seattle, it seemed appropriate to have a completely rusted frame and fork. I never, and I mean NEVER thought about colored rust. You are a gentleman and a scholar. You have broadened my horizons, therefore I grant you one favor...
  13. Scovilleater

    Throwing parts at him, anything stick?

    Oh.., oh God I think I love you! You turned my head when you said "Metric", and now this.
  14. Scovilleater

    Phoenix, really? Is there any chance that you could take a picture? In my head I'm seeing an almost phosphorus lime green. If that is the case... I owe you a debt of gratitude at the very least. I had been kicking around the idea of stripping and doing a full surface rust for the frame and fork...
  15. Scovilleater

    Greetings and salutations -

    Thanks Matti! I'll get some better pics tomorrow.
  16. Scovilleater

    New member!

    Welcome, and very nice indeed! Now please tell me that you are going to leave the patina.
  17. Scovilleater

    Greetings and salutations -

    Well, well, well... See what you did now? I want you to know that this will go down on your permanent record! And I will most certainly not be held responsible for cross threaded pedals, braking noises, loose headsets, leaking tubes, or misadjusted single speed derailleurs! Now that that's...