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  1. camus

    Greetz from Budapest

    Hi Marcee, welcome to RRB!
  2. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

  3. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

  4. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

    back in the saddle!
  5. camus

    What are you listening to?

    What do you think about turkish soul? Derya Yildirim from Hamburg, Germany. The lyrics are based on an anatolian poem from the 15th century.
  6. camus

    Echos of hellos

  7. camus

    What are you listening to?

  8. camus

    What are you listening to?

  9. camus

    What have you been riding lately?

    Scheisse! Scheisse!!! Bad news. Rest in Peace, Andreas Natenom Mandalka. I think we all have been in dangerous situations with our bicycles, I was several times. In my town so many people on bikes were killed by turning trucks or car racers, it is so horrible. Way to many Ghost Bikes around the...
  10. camus


    One of my friends, Robert, back in 1990 on a self-built ramp. We had stolen the wood from a nearby building site on a weekend. The workers found out at some point and we had to dismantle the ramp again. But there was no trouble, the workers actually thought it was cool... Our favorite playground...
  11. camus

    Cockpit shots only

  12. camus

    have a merry chirstmas

    Merry Christmas! Greetings from Berlin to wherever you are.
  13. camus


  14. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

    Sold at eBay. Unfortuantely I missed it...
  15. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

  16. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

    Scary flow in a small town in Thuringia....
  17. camus

    Camus's cool stuff

    I'm not only really into bikes and cycling, i'm also very receptive to the fine arts. Besides movies, music, painting, i'm particularly fond of street art, which became popular at the beginning of the millennium. I still walk the streets with a keen eye, no matter where I am. It was around 2007...
  18. camus

    the I'll show you OFF TOPIC bike thread

    @Ulu Best wishes to your wife!
  19. camus

    What are you listening to?