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    DFW Cruiser Bicycle Ride sponsored by the Slow Spokes club

    Thanks for putting this together cuz it seems no one around here actually wAnted to form a group I am excited to get together I will see y'all there.
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    Forming a Cruiser Bicycle Club in DFW

    What's the latest news on the formation of this bicycle group? When will we meet up for our first ride together?
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    Forming a Cruiser Bicycle Club in DFW

    My name is James and I am interested in meeting up to join yalls bike ride. I go to Dallas to ride and been to California 2 times to go on a bike ride. Let me know when y'all ride and I will be happy to meet y'all there.
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    texas ratrodbikes location list

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    texas ratrodbikes location list

    cool so you live in n texas
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    For you Tx. boys

    we can meet in randall park 100 glasgow dr in dallas tx
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    What year of Hiawatha?

    here are some better pictures of the bike i was talkin bout.. let me know if yall know what year? and thanks in advance
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    will there be a class for custom cruisers? like my gold bike steve =) i got 2 shows in october 1 in tx and 1 in n cal
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    What year of Hiawatha?

    this bike is a Hiawatha bike and this is the serial number E22S62 i need to know what year this bike is please. thanks in advance...
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    texas ratrodbikes location list

    Thats fine man just give me a call when ur ready to ride and i will make plans to join yall out there. u still have my number... if u need my number again let me know and i will private message it to u
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    New Guy from Texas

    cool car i got aaalot of them
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    texas ratrodbikes location list

    looking for more tx people in tx thanks
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    where do you ride??

    I ride my bike in many different areas but mainly around downtown historic Mckinney Tx. I also travel to California, my home away from home, to ride in a big bike show with my good friend Greg Roth and will be going back this year with another good friend Big Al ... Here are some pictures of...
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    lookin for sears jc higgens stuff.. will there be any out there at this swap meet?
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    Atlanta to Dallas

    are you bringing a bike
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    Northeast Texas

    cool moore tx people
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    How old are you!!

    i am 39
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    Trinity Park Ride - May 26

    Here is a good friend of mines web page.. he built the frame himself.. it is a blast to ride a really cool guy and here is his website for u to contact him about a frame... his name is greg roth its 100% custom made never store bought... let me know if u decide to...
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    Trinity Park Ride - May 26

    These are some great pictures man and thanks for getting together, i really enjoyed it and looking forward to us doing it again soon. :D James....
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    texas ratrodbikes location list

    cool man