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    the B.O.B__ER

    Looks good! What kind of range and speed do you get?
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    Huffy Premier

    Anyone know if there is a way online to check individual stores in your area to see if they are in stock? I have been to several Walmart's so far and have found a few Schwinn Swindlers but none of these.
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    Definition of Terms??

    Thanks from me as well!
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    Travis Pastrana Motobike

    For it's worth, I took it to the Austin Bike Farm. They can hang it on the wall as art!
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    Definition of Terms??

    I have been recommending this site to friends like crazy lately and most of them have even less knowledge about bikes than I do. Hard to believe. I have been asked questions about some terms that are used and have been able to answer, but it made me wonder if there is a glossary of terms...
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    My DumpsterMountain Bike!

    Doesn't hurt my feelings. I will always have cheap bikes. :)
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    Electric conversions, recommendations?

    Forgive me if this has been answered before. I searched the site and still have a couple of questions that perhaps someone can answer. First I noticed that Amazon offers Aosom 48V 1000W in front and rear wheel conversions. Is there any major drawback/advantage to a FWD setup? It looks like it...
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    Opinion question - Legal or no?

    That's kind of what I thought too. I have seen a few of them in downtown Austin without tags, but I figured the guys were just not bothering to tag them.
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    Schwinn Swindler Sort of Review

    For what it's worth, the width at the narrowest part of the front fork is 3 inches. The rear is about 3 1/4.
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    Can Pedicab parts be a source??

    No problem. I thought if they can stand up to the treatment these guys give out
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    Schwinn Swindler Sort of Review

    Sorry, 27.5. Guess I was tired! Get it? Wocka wocka!
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    Any Cruiser clubs in ATX

    I live in Leander. I've been wondering this same thing lately. I have no fancy bikes just my Schwinns, so I am looking for more of a hang out kind of club.
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    Can Pedicab parts be a source??

    I hope this okay to post a link. I was looking at the pedicabs that are all over downtown Austin and asked one of the guys where they get their parts. I would like an opinion if these are feasible for use on a board tracker style bike? If not is...
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    Schwinn Swindler Sort of Review

    Also, for better or worse they come with 25.5 inch tires.
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    My DumpsterMountain Bike!

    That's the way I look at it. I don't ride as much as I used to and it was initially free so why not? It's the bike equivalent of the 15 year old beater Honda. Cheap and replaceable.
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    My New Schwinn Swindler

    I would love to do something like this, unfortunately my crowded apartment and family would rule it out!
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    Freddy's fresh finds

    Love your Typhoon! I just posted the other day for your bike's twin! Mine was made October 1979. I will be ordering replacement decals soon...
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    Schwinn Swindler Sort of Review

    I think so. As a base for a build, I think it would be good. The basic parts are reasonably well done, the frame is pretty heavy and seems well built. The wheels and the springer fork seem decent though the chrome parts of the fork are showing some rust.
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    My Schwinn Typhoon is Back on the Road!

    I used a handy dandy serial # decoder and found out that she was made in October 1979 in Chicago. The KOBA rattrap bike rack still works as well. The paint has some chips and scratches but is pretty good. I compounded the dull paint. I also found some water-slide Schwinn Typhoon decals on eBay...
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    My Schwinn Typhoon is Back on the Road!

    I bought this bike a couple years ago at a junk shop for $20. At the time it had dry rotted tires and the tubes were melted. When I tried to replace them I found the wheels were rusted pretty badly as well. Since then it has sat, quietly mocking me. I recently went by the bike farm and they had...