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    Any BRATZ Bikes on here?

    Here is my little Bratz bike! [/URL][/URL]
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    Folding bikes

    After getting my mountain bike stolen from a local train station I have gone for a fold up bike that I can now take with me, of course it has to be made the way i like so took all the stickers of it , added a retro headlight and of course white wall tyres! Really happy with the outcome and had a...
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Cheers man, what is the plan with yours? Looks good as it is!! :D
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Red chain fitted today!! Before After
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    show your bikes with license plates

    Being from the UK I didn't even know there was such a thing as bike license plates!! :shock: Think one would look really good on my lowrider, a few minutes later via ebay my very own plate! Really think it sets of the back of the bike!!
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    UK Lowrider

    Well after a winter that never seem to end I took my low rider to work today, this was the view on the way home on a lovely sunny evening! This is what it's all about! :mrgreen: [/URL]
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Hi guys, Haven't been on here for a while not to not been able to get out on my bike, but as it was nice today I dusted her off and took here into work! The sprung seat helps the ride! [/URL] ride home [/URL]
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    black bikes?

    Hi guys, Haven't been on here for a while due to poor weather but its starting to get nice now so the low rider is out again! I have added a sprung seat post which has defo made the ride more comfy! [/URL] And on the ride home [/URL]
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Added the new red Banana seat to the bike over of the weekend, really happy with the way it sets of all the other red bits! Just need the weather to get a bit warmer and then I can take here out! :D
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    Headlight and Tail Light Gallery - Post Pics Here

    Hi Guys, I have a BRATZ lowrider which I have modified (we dont have a big choice of lowriders in the UK and the original bike was cheap!), I have added a chrome front light which I think really sets of the front end: I have also put in a flashing rear light also using the original light and...
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    Show us your Banana Seat Bikes! MO NANNA MO BETTA

    Just fitted a fresh 5 button banana seat today!! :D
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    UK Lowrider

    Right finally got round to fitting my new red cushion seat and I think it looks sweet!! :mrgreen: The sprung seat post I bought also was to small for the frame so might have to get some spacers or just sell it on!
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    New guy from the U.K

    Yeh would love to meet up for a ride, i'm in London and get some strange looks when i turn up to the petrol station to buy some milk on my lowrider! But they are the best bikes! Fitting a sprung seat post and button seat tomorrow with pictures to follow!! :mrgreen:
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    Nothing Special im afraid! Schwinn & Bratz bike!

    Hi Guys, This is my BRATZ bike, your totally right they are great value for money and offer a great platform to mod on!
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    Aaron from UK

    I know what you mean on the parts, i've just ordered a new seat and seat post from the US and post was pretty much the same price as the parts!! D'oh :roll:
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    Aaron from UK

    Big welcome! I'm south east England to, yeh we dont see to many people on lowriders on the way to work in the morning on this side of the pond! :D
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    greetings from west michigan

    Great looking back man! Have the same colour scheme on my bike to!! Love black and Red Wheels! :lol:
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    black bikes?

    Nice looking Bike Jaysmo!! Done a full more mods this weekend, repainted the chain guard as wasn't happy with the finish, I am well happy with how it came out now trouble is think might have to do the rest of the bike now to bring it up to standard!! Also got these dice wheel values!! Pimp! :D
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    Mountain Bike project

    Great looking bike! Have fitted the blue tyres and new comfy seat and for the £30 the tyres and seat cost think the bike looks like it should cost a couple of hundred pounds!! Well happy with the result! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Mountain Bike project

    Cheers for the comments, yeh its a strange frame as it is split at the top! I bought it of a friend for ony £20! Will post pics once I have mounted the new blue tyres. Wonder what it would look like and if I could fit a 26'' springer front end as it does run 26's??! :lol: