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    They're all pretty awesome builds. Each with a uniqueness all there own. I like stretch bikes for some reason. That might've influence my vote, as it was a toss up between the Mini and Baby. Mind you, I like understated exteriors as well and that's why the Clunker is in my top three . A nice...
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    Merry Xmas to all

    To all RRB members; I wish you the best of the holiday season and good fortune for the new year. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" ... re=related ... re=related
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    Info: '62 Murray.

    Check this out. Kinda' pricey for me, but it's pretty sweet; 7spd Nexus makes for easy work commutes! :) G.
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    Longtime Lurker, Glad to be here!

    So you got it from him as we see it? He did the build on 'er? I'm with the boys on this one. It sounds like it could be a one off job. Dealers see, hear and can obtain stuff from manufacturer reps that many of us never will. I'd leave it alone and just enjoy it. If I'm not mistaken, I...
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    Pics of some offbeat coolness!!!!

    ....More.... G.
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    Pics of some offbeat coolness!!!!

    Maybe you've seen 'em, maybe not. Never the less.... ........
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    Longtime Lurker, Glad to be here!

    Welcome Rstrantz! Nice stable of cool bikes you got there. You're absolutely correct in regards to finding zero info on your bike. There's nothing but "Velo Glide" stuff. At first, looking at these pics, I figured it was just a "naked" one off job done by a cycle...
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    Man! There's some talented craftsmen in here. Very nice. I'm looking for Clubman bars. That's what they're called, right? Where can I get them? G.
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    Scratch built 9 foot long Chopper bicycle

    Nice chopper, man! Is that front tire a Hookworm??? G.
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    My newest creation The Mooneyes Worksman Updated 4-9-09

    That's one sweet ride you got there! Now you've gotta get a pair of Mooneye valvecaps I saw on ebay to go with it. The details go well with the colour. What else are you planning to do with it? G.
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    WOW 500!

    Wowzers! That's some growth. It's like RRB was stuck in a petrie dish in a pile of nutrient agar and allowed to multiply. I'm proud to say that I'm 418th. However upon looking at the membersist just now, I'm only seeing 499???!!?!?? So glad to be a part of this. G.
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    another wild bike

    Intrigueing. Definitely will give you a nice ... worthy of a cowboy! :wink: :) What's "the CBAE?" G.
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    Anyone ever heard of a Huffy Pork Chopper?

    Looks to be for youngens. I certainly wouldn't mind one in my stable though. G.
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    Manhatten Cruiser

    Hey Lightfoot; I totally agree with Multipass. I recently acquired a Manhattan as well; A Nitrous. It's not as it came from KHS. I took off the apehangers, {couldn't get used to them,} and it already had the banana seat on 'er, formerly occupied by a cruiser saddle. It is a sweet...
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    High tech springer??!!?!?

    My intention for this way out fork was to put it on my full suspension coffee cruiser project; Well, it's moot now. I figured it would add the panache that was lacking on it. However, once I paint it black and compliment it with some finer details, it'll be sweet. G.
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    A cool new Addition to the Fleet!

    Nice ride. Did you get this locally at your LBS or was it bought south of the border. I've seen a couple of Slick Daddy's listed in Ebay. Firewalker; You lucky dude you! :wink: :) G.
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    High tech springer??!!?!?

    Well my cheap n' cheerful bid of $56.00 got beat by five bucks! Someone got a deal and it wasn't me. Dag nabbit, you wascahwy wabbit! G.
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    High tech springer??!!?!?

    Hey gang; What do you all make of this? ... dZViewItem I've not seen these before. Mind you, you guys have been in the game of cruiser/ratrod bikes longer than me so this might be old hat to you. From the pic, it looks to have disc...
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    Some new rides!

    Yeah. I concur. Nice bunch of bikes. I like the baby blue one. I'm doing something similar in regards to the styling of it. A pseudo old school race bike look with the lower bar position. Me likes! Fire dude; Just post pics as per normal, but instead of posting the next one as a seperate...
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    UPDATE: Thought of buying a Stiletto. Bought it!

    Well, it's a pretty big shoe and it didn't come as a pair; I was surprised at how easy it is to ride. The cockpit dimension was definitely a point of concern for me and affected the purchase of it or not. The fellow I got it from was 6'2" and told me the seat was on the last...