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  1. KZ1000

    Rollfast rank bike For Sale $350.

    Yes, actually a 1941 WC12
  2. KZ1000

    Rollfast rank bike For Sale $350.

    I have not been active on here for a few years now, moved onto my other collecting fields of Old Signs and Gas Pumps. Selling my last vintage bike, late 40's-50's, 26" Rollfast tank bike. $350. Or trade for old advertising signs. I'd really prefer not to ship, bike is located in North Central...
  3. KZ1000

    Massachusetts bicycle plates Wanted

    I am actively searching for old green oblong mass bicycle plates, bonus $ for low # and small towns I don't have. I really need a nice Templeton plate. Let me see what you have.
  4. KZ1000

    Bicycle license plates

    Im looking for more Mass plates like these
  5. KZ1000

    NERRB Sad Passing

    Sad to hear this, I havent heen around you guys for awhile but did enjoy many rides with Jose. He will he missed.
  6. KZ1000

    Mass Bicycle plates Wanted

    Looking for some Mass bike plates to add to my collection. Please let me know what you have
  7. KZ1000

    Columbia Arch

    Ill try this oncemore, i.d. prefer to sell it as it sits, if not i will strip it down tonight and offer each part individually. $400. You pay shipping. New S/A 2 speed kickback rear laced to new wheels. Monark springer. Brooks B73 seat. Ive got a LOT into this bike built for a buildoff. Lets Talk
  8. KZ1000

    Rollfast and Hawthorne speedometers

    Both work fine, $50. Each shipped
  9. KZ1000

    Shifters, sticks and twist

  10. KZ1000

    Shifters, sticks and twist

    Found some more forgotten about items to dispose of. All include Shipping. Sportshift W/white knob $40. Sportshift W/woodgrain knob SOLD Click Stick NOS SOLD Twist grip 3 speed with grips $20. JC Higgins 3 speed thumb shifter $25. Simplex 5 speed, missing mounting tab. $30.
  11. KZ1000

    26" 3speed wheel set, white tires

    Great set I had for a build I never got to. $100. Plus shipping
  12. KZ1000

    SOLD Rack, guards, tanks

  13. KZ1000

    Schwinn S5 wheels, yellow band 2 speed hub

    Decent set of 26" S5 wheels with original tires and the yellow 2 speed kickback hub. $150. Plus shipping
  14. KZ1000

    SOLD Rack, guards, tanks

    Take all for $40. Shipped
  15. KZ1000

    Columbia Arch frame and More. former buildoff bike

    I've got way too much into this bike, I'll try to sell it as is before stripping it and selling off the parts, check my image site for all my bikes and related parts I'll be posting to sell, The wheels/tires alone I had built and am into them...
  16. KZ1000

    Wasn't he a member here too? Widpanic02

    Looks like he passed away in Dec.
  17. KZ1000

    Wasn't he a member here too? Widpanic02

    I think he visited this site also, the name sure rings a belll, Jason Laporte
  18. KZ1000

    NERRB Freeze Your Beep-Off 3 Northampton, MA new date Sunday, April, 19th

    Stafford Springs is April 12th Fitchburg Airport is April 19th
  19. KZ1000

    Dudley Mass Swap Rescheduled!- March 22nd! Not surprising considering who runs the show now.