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    Va Beach bike bash

    Bummed I didn't see this! Day late dollar short! Hope it was as good as previous years! Very cool event!
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    Schwinn -Daughters ex-boyfriend

    Dang, that's awesome! Would he be interested in being my daughter's future ex-boyfriend?
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    Need Help Aquiring Solid Single Speed Bikes for Rental (Worksman)

    Not trying to take potential biz away from IndChuckz but Yooth is only a few hours south of Va Beach. I was going to recommend the same thing lastplace29er did above. I see the boardwalk rental guys selling off their previous year's bikes pretty frequently. They're gearing up for the season...
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    New Hobby (New Addition)

    Not a forum, but here's a related thread that fascinated me about a year ago. Thought I'd share it with you in case you didn't see it then. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=33197
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    I'm Back! Hit a deer on my motorcycle.

    This may be the understatement of the week but I'll say it anyway... glad you're still alive, man!
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    Completed Now! Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free!

    Re: Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free! Remember this "curb alert save"? I cleaned it up to this: From this: To this. I saved only the outer chain ring. It'll get up to speed pretty quickly! At first glance it might look like a fixie, but I'm too old for that! It's a 27" coaster...
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    Monark Wingbar UPDATED PICS

    Re: Wing shaped Monark Oh my goodness! That's a thing of beauty! Congratulations! Can't wait for more pics.
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    Completed Now! Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free!

    Re: Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free! I'm assuming the stand-over height would be the height from the ground up to the top tube? With flat tires that's about 37". The seat tube is about 26 1/4" long, which might explain why it has the number 661 on it (661mm is close to 26.25", I think?)...
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    Copper jaguar s2wheels

    Mama always said to just mind my own business! I'll never learn! :lol: :oops: :lol: :oops:
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    Copper jaguar s2wheels

    Man, this is probably my all-time favorite Schwinn color, besides black! I love this bike! I understand why it's posted in Fresh Finds, because RBonney just got it, but it would probably get more potential buyers and tire kickers if it were also posted in the Swap Meet section of the forum...
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    Completed Now! Fuji Super 12 - XL frame - for free!

    Hey, I just got home from grabbing a "curb alert" bike off CraigsList and ended up with this super huge framed Fuji for free! It has 27" rims. I'm almost 6 ft and can't straddle the frame without feeling violated! These are the pics that came with the ad. The head tube is 10 1/2" tall...
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    pair of Pre-Wars

    Two awesome finds! This second one is so dang unique it's killing me! Which one are you going to start pulling apart and tinkering with first?
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    Va Beach bike show April 6th - Updated

    Had an awesome time at the VaBch bike show yesterday. Kudos to KimDude for putting that gig together! Nicely done! Great venue! Having the low-rider dudes there showing off their style of bikes really added a very unique flair to things! That isn't my thing but I completely respect their...
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    Va Beach bike show April 6th - Updated

    Just wanted to give this a friendly bump to the top as a reminder for those in the area. It's a sunny, breezy, early spring day here at the beach - a great day to throw on a sweatshirt and ride over to the gathering KimDude is putting together. Hope to be able to meet some forum members there...
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Wow, I never knew such things existed! Pretty cool!
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    Va Beach bike show April 6th - Updated

    Ohhh man! I don't know how I can miss this! Let me see if I can rearrange my plans and leave after this show/fest. It's only my 30th wedding anniversary! She should understand, right? We've done this 29 times already! This sounds like a great time! I can't honestly say "count me in", but...
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    1941 Firestone Cruiser Done 5/22

    Re: 1941 Firestone Cruiser SNOW & Tobasco 2/24 Walker, amazing job on the paint scheme! Bravo! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together! Hey, I think I recall you mentioning having a plan to get the pitted chrome of the rear reflector to look better and it appears you did it! What's...
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    Greetings from VaBeach

    well ya jinxed us with snow! See you guys in June! :)
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    Kingfish254's Finds - Over Ten Years of Kingfish Scores!!

    Re: Kingfish254's Finds 2/10 Park Hammer + Handcuffs + Bike Shop A Park hammer for a buck?! What a bargain! And you picked up some assorted sundries too. All you're missing is Col. Mustard and the library. You've got all the rest! :lol:
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Wow Flip! It's apparent you've invested a ton of man-hours there! Well done! I like how you chose to put the Schwinn decal back where it would have been on the top bar originally. I think I would have made the mistake of trying it on the "tank" area. I like it.