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    Chopper X

    etch prime, prime and paint. I like to wet sand between the primers too. Would be best to let each prime coat as well as paint cure 24 hours. Also once prep is done keep the tank indoors to have it at a manageable temp before anything is sprayed.
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    Parting out 1972 Schwinn Manta Ray

    Where in Texas are you? Interested in the seat. Would prefer not to ship.
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    This build is AWESOME!!!!

    Very cool total package. I really like the battery lay-out. Gives the illusion of 3 cylinder heads. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    (MBBO#05 Class II) 53' Lincoln Rug Burn

    If you do end up cutting the fork legs, star nuts are stocked at most hardware stores. If not just drive the ones in the forks out the bottom after you cut them and reinstall.
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    20" Phantom ?? I've seen repop tanks and chainguards but never the entire bike.
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    Chain for a micargi limo frame

    Forgot I had the trike rear section on that frame. With the trike rear end it took 164. Standard rear wheel should be around 130-140.
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    Chain for a micargi limo frame

    I don't know the number of links I used, but I know I bought 2 112 link chains and didn't have many links left-over.
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    1969 murray eliminator 24x20 build

    Sounding like a cool build. I'll throw out what I can to get you on your quest. Sissy Bar, I think your looking for a 24" just for reference but also the least $'s. Ape...
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    What would you give? Found this and was wondering what the rat rodder value might be. I think I could do a little something with it for the right price up-front. Just not sure what that right price is.
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    american pickers is gonna be in my hometown

    Apparently I have the same sorta "love/hate" relationship with the show many others have. I view them in the same light as Barrett-Jackson. Love to see the unlimited budget car builds and the creativity involved. But try and deal in hot rods after one of their auctions. Every unpolished turd...
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    FENIX- Finished!

    Bugatti has designed the 2 most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Atlantic Type 57 and the Veyron 16.4 I bleed FORD BLUE but when form meets function and the by-product is performance, who can argue? Love the frame. I've got a similar frame trike myself. Will be following.
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    Has anyone tried to on the CABE lately?

    This is why I stopped visiting the sight.! Seemed before I found RRB there were quite a few attitudes like that one. Factory refresh/rebuild's were the only thing worth doing. I understand that mindset, been around...
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    Black Widow Rain City Chopper

    Found a pretty good image here. Looks very similar to an OCC or Spoiler.
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    Let's see your bikes that were stolen...

    I am afraid posting pics or stories of any stolen or suspected stolen bicycles could adversely affect the outcome of charges that may or may not be being considered by my local grand jury. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Bike Falls

    You may be on to something. The only bike I've had fall started the domino effect, managed to dump 4 bikes. Nothing severely damaged but my ego.
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    Hood/fender Ornament Fitting

    I have no pics but been working with an Indian front fender light. Fits reasonably well and is LED as well. Makes for a nice fender ornament and light to boot. You can catch them for less than $50 on e-bay from time to time.
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    my sport-delivery

    Really like the color combo. And I can't get enough of triple tree front ends.
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    Bike Geocouching

    After viewing these pics and video I need a shower and a tetanus shot. Got a good laugh at any rate.
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    Thought this might be enjoyable
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    ★★ THE BULLET ★★ (UPDATED PHOTOS - 10/12)

    Have done some business with him as well. Really good guy to deal with.