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    Dang trees eating my bikes...

    you could surgically remove the tree from the bike , it might still be able to be saved for parts
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    1935 shelby built. (pretty much DONE)

    nice bike to start with
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    The Best Floor Pump?

    i saw a floor pump at home depot fro like $10 cheaper than the zefal one i have my pump works ok but i do have an electric pump
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    fat tire help

    i'm not expert but stretching a smaller tire on a fat rim is not a good idea even if it would work , but how long would the tire last & saftey may be a factor 3" wide tire could work but i would not go any smaller
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    Looking for ideas for attaching a bicycle wheel to an ATV spindle or hub?

    most bicycle wheel won't hold up to the weight so i would just get skiny motor bike wheels
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    Bike Books

    here is a book from Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling
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    Bike Books
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    Bike Books

    they have them some where !
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    Bike Books

    are you looking for bike repair manuels for bikes like schwinn or other brands of bike i have see bicycle books on just the history of bicycles
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    Early Tandem

    a collector might buy it , as a bike to ride arond on it is not for the average person the parst might be worth alot of money , but i would never pay the price
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    49ers bike/occ schwinn chopper bike

    you took the occ chopper to a level just like the tv show does cheesey them bikes lol
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    Sky Ray - the Atomic Space Age

    nice score on the bikes that sky ray is cool
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    (WBO) X.L. Higgins

    i have spikes on 3 of my bikes as fender brace mounts
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    (WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

    wet paper plus fresh pain sound like a disaster to me , but if it worked for you then cool i think the paint would run if the suface was wet
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    killer deal on tires at Walmart

    mine says 45-65 psi i may run 50psi
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    (WBO) A reasonable facsimile thereof

    a motcrross bike style seat siting on the frame just above the rear wheel would be cool ,if it could work
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    (WBO) A reasonable facsimile thereof

    i bought a 1/8 to quil adapter so i could use any 1/8 thredless stem i wanted on a beach cruiser with 1 inch threaded forks
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    (WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

    a light tacky stencil spray would work, it wil not be permanent try the sticker paper for printer as it not prmanent
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    (WBO) Pathracer

    i have some tester's decal bonder , i got it wir the tester's decale making modle kit
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    WBO - "Open Wound"

    cool bike !