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    The Blue Diamond

    Looks amazing. What brand of paint did you use?
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    Before & After Pics

    How hard was it to do this paint job? Did you use stencils? I am wanting to do this to my schwinn cantilever.
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    My Saturday day morning finds. 60 Schwinn

    Diggin that blue straight bar.
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    More wood for "The Beaver".....

    Love it, is the Truss Rod Bracket a schwinn one? They are the only ones I can find on ebay.
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    '61 Schwinn Typhoon

    I have been looking for one of these frames for quite sometime where the tubes go into the drop outs.
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    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    Appreciate it! Thank you! I have a few frames that I purchased when I first started getting into that were sold to me as Schwinns. I hadn't any idea otherwise. But they were definitely not Schwinns. One was a Murray made and the other one I have no idea. Now they just take up space.
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    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    Thank you Luke!!!
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    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    This link doesn't work.
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    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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    Wanting to build a klunker. Need a Schwinn DX, preferably tall but if not I will make due.

    So it has begun. The addiction. The sleepless nights building a Klunker in your mind over and over, counting klunkers to try and fall asleep. The countless manufactures, frames, parts, and patina all bombing and screeching down the mountainside in the background. I have had no luck finding a...
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    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    Who is Chuck, and where do i see his frames for sale?!?!?
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    The Blues King. SK build.

    What size are those thickslicks?
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    Hood Rat, done, w/picture overload!

    You didn't have an issue with the 65 tooth chainring hitting the chain stays. I have one but it hits the chain stays on both of my cantilever frames I have to use.
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    Simplistic Speed, 100% done, pics posted! **Lightweight**

    How did you get a 1 piece crank on here?
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    Lets see some street sweeper fenders

    So, where does one find street sweeper fenders? Or do you have to make them?
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    Gichigami Growler Grabber

    That may just be one of the sexiest bikes I have seen. I want it. Now.
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    :cool2:Very nice, how much.....
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    where to find 1" headset spacers.

    They do look a bit strange unless you alternate colors. Im lookin for silver and blue. But thanks for your idea, I will look into it at lowe's and home depot tomorrow.
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    where to find 1" headset spacers.

    Anyone know where to find 1" headset spacers? I see them on fleebay but they're 2.5 mm up until 15 mm, and in silver or black only. They have a ton for 1 1/8". Problem is I need to raise stem about 2" so roughly 50 mm. It works fine without the spacers but then you have that akward gap and...