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    ks vdub lover

    Welcome to the club, buddy! Not that I've been here long enough to be part of the welcome wagon.... Can't wait to see your bikes and/or dubs!
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    "SNOT ROCKET"...sold

    Re: "SNOT ROCKET" VERY awesome bike, I'm diggin' the army surplus colour scheme!
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    My First Boardtracker Attempt

    I would personally burst into tears if I saw you tear up this classic bike, that's too close to the Fuji I learned to wrench on originally. That said, it's your bike. In the gas-powered hot rodding world, you do what you want with your ride and screw'em if they don't like it.
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    Afterburn DBA "COSMONAUT", beyond the DIY bike tag

    Re: Afterburner, the next details beyond the DIY bike tag Dang, that's awesome! Love the little tank on there!
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    This is too cool....

    Thanks all for welcoming me here, I'm excited to be here!
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    This is too cool....

    I came across this site when someone linked back to my website, I poked around a bit, and thought this was too cool not to get into. I'm currently cycle-less, but I was once a Toronto bike trail terrorist with an ancient 12-speed Fuji that I dug out of the trash...
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    New Toy

    Was he in a wheelchair the whole time? I knew he was in one for part of the build, but I didn't know about the entire build. By the way, here's a direct link to that car: http://jordanmorningstarblog.wordpress. ... appys-way/