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    Tour De Fat

    I'll be there with my brother and a few others. Guess I won't be there. My daughter has a cheer competition that day. Have fun.
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    OK guys...Lets see some cool bike art

    ART? You decide.
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    post trike pictures

    Here's mine. 1st version.... And Rev.2...
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    Don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!!!

    I've worked there for 15 years. Friday we had an explosion and we lost an awsome man. It's the 3rd big incident in 15 yrs. and the second in 14 months, Thank GOD it's the first time there was a fatality!!! Don't ever want to see that again! I'm scared! Don't know if I can do it much more...
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    Car guys (and girls) UNITE!!

    Can I get an invite? It's kinda hard to see what the site is really like. Everytime I click it wants me to log in. Thanks
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    It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks. You shoulda heard it coming back! I really don't remember it having this much power! IT FREAKIN' RIPS!!!! I WILL get better video soon!!! Just gotta get plates and insurance on it again before I get in trouble.
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    Drifting a bicycle?

    Don't know if this is really drifting but It's pretty sweet!!!
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    It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got to drive the Notrod today!!!!!!!! WaaHooooooooooo!!!! It's been years since this thing was on the road, the plates expired in 2003. My daughter even asked for a ride!!!!!!!!!! Here's a short sneek peek video. I have SOoooooooo missed this truck!!!!! And a pic.
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    Jumping in without a chute after 25 years

    Good job and keep it up!!! My wife and I both quit at the same time last march and have never looked back. I'm even starting to breath a little better these days (I think). We both used Chantix, Had to get a prescription and it is pretty expensive but it really worked. (I think it will even help...
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    Show us them cars!

    I finally found a shot of the Notrod.....sorry about the quality but it's the best I got right now. 1959 Chevy p/u. 1979 Corvette suspension, custom convertible top. It's my baby, it's been broke down for about 4 years though. I thought it was going to be on the road again this summer but ran...
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    I bought one - Which Tricyle for my Daughter

    I think somebody sells Schwinns.... Just kidding. I think they are the best too. All th features stated by Bicyclerick and they have the best styling of all. I do prefer the 06's to the 08's though.
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    Cool Trike

    Here's another shot, before I revised it. I originally built it to take my daughter with me but she's getting old enough to motivate herself so I took the kid seat off and adulterated it a bit. This website was actually my motivation to re-do the trike. I was trying to get it done in time...
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    Cool Trike

    Thanks!!! It takes a while to get used to,especially when you're turning. It'll bite ya in the calf if you don't move your leg just right. Most other people have a hard time with it, I built it for myself and being 6'4" it can be quite a stretch for some. As for the forks...that's my little...
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    Cool Trike

    Here's a shot of mine.
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    Bad Attitude now has a bride!!

    Very nice!!!
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    Tour de Fat dates

    my pics Having problems sharing my pics.... this is about the best I can do.
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    Cruiser crash

    I'm sure that one was pretty painful too.
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    Cruiser crash

    OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm OK......
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    Tour de Fat dates

    You saw us!!! You took a picture of my brother ,img 1116 on your page. He was riding his version of a tall bike. You can see my hand and camera bag in the pic too. 4600 people and you still manage to get a pic of my brother, what are the odds of that? Here's a link to your pic of him...
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    Tour de Fat dates

    Just got back I looked all over for the john deere bike but never saw it/ you. Of course there were so many people there it was un-believeable!!! I sure hope you had as much fun as we did!!!! My brother was non-stop about building more and better for next year. I'll get some pics up soon...