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    Custom Stems

    My custom stem. I made it and I call it....."Stem" :wink:
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    Brake lever compatibility question

    How can one tell Vee/Disc brake levers from cantilever/sidepull levers? Say there was a 5 gallon bucket of used levers in front of you. How would you differentiate? I need to look for some later today and I am serious about the bucket part :wink:
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    Chrome cantilever BMX going straightbar

    Brazed them in. You were right about not being able to get all the brazing filler out of there and I had the torch out anyway to remove the old dropouts so that is how they went back in.
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    Chrome cantilever BMX going straightbar

    I took the afternoon and got it all together. I didn't bother filling all the little dings and just rattlecanned it with whatever was around. I was able to salvage the rounded ends from the cantilever tubes I removed and weld them on to the seat stays. Not perfect but not bad. And the...
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    Chrome cantilever BMX going straightbar

    moving to straightbar BMX Looks like I am going to change this one up. As it sits now. The minor changes since the build are some gumwalls, a 2pc GT chainring and I cut an inch off the bars and installed some BMX grips from porkchop. The day the build off was posted I got busy and converted...
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    Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

    Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike She's a Rocker! Vox Typhoon? Nice! I have a mid 60's Vox Tornado in that same color. It has been my main guitar for 20 years now.
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    Removing powder coat...

    Any methylene chloride based stripper will remove powder coat beautifully.
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    Old Simplex

    Saturday I hit the C.A.T. looking for a few parts and stumbled across a bike that was very out of place. It was old, easily 50 years older than everything around it. I glanced at it and realized it was in pretty sorry shape and decided to pass. Of course I started...
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    making a camelback

    Rolled it out into the rain for a whole bike picture And then while I had it out I decided to run the deraileur cable and then I hit a snag. I didn't have any cable straps and zip ties would break my heart. Back to the leather! Cut some 3/4" strips and hammered some snaps into them I...
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    Redux-Finished... gift for a friend

    Re: Redux- wood work Looks great. The only thing I would have suggested was to eschew the steam box and use a bending iron the way that luthiers bend the sides of guitars and voilin family instruments. You can bend to the exact shape you want without the spring back that comes from steaming and...
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    making a camelback

    :wink: Yeah I am trying to bring the Pott's mod back. Too much time spent on freestyle bikes in the mid 80's. I can't let it go.
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    making a camelback

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I will try and roll it out and snap a photo if there is still some daylight when I get home from work tomorrow. I am planning on stopping at the LBS for a rear deraileur and shifter tomorrow as well. At that point I will just be a rear mechanical caliper short...
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    making a camelback

    It's been a while! Where were we? Despite my better judgement I let myself spend a bit of money on the bike. First was some Velo Orange porteur bars. I just had to have them and then I stumbled across a "can't pass it up deal" on a new Brooks B17. I needed to match the grips to the saddle so...
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    Clover Lane

    That thing is ....... I love it and I really like the bars that are on it. That is a great look.
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    What should I buy with my LBS gift certificates?

    That would pay for a nice brooks saddle and a lot of spare tubes!
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    Show us them cars!

    It certainly is.
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    Show us them cars!

    My 71 Fiat 850 Berlina A bit of a rat itself. The focus has been making it go fast and handle. Cosmetics will come later. I drove it with the original 817cc motor with a staggering 31 horsepower. That wasn't enough so I went with a 903 with a hot cam, higher compression and bigger carb...
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    Cheap Gong

    A 6 inch splash cymbal could be awesome! I tend to see cheap gongs at the same discount stores and swap meet vendors that sell ornamental swords and knives for cheap.
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    Huffy: From Canti to BMX Straight Bar,...(Lots of Pics)

    Beat me to it. The moment I cut the canti tubes off my project this idea popped into my head. Just waiting til I finish the current one and then I will do this. Looks great.