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    What are you listening to?

    check out Unknown Hinson. I bet you'd dig him...
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    What are you listening to?

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    What are you listening to?

    the amazing...
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    1980 Schwinn Craigslist find

    thanks for the info!!
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    1980 Schwinn Craigslist find

    cool. thx for the info
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    1980 Schwinn Craigslist find

    Thanks for the info. Just for the record, how can you tell? The cantilever frames pretty much all look the same to me... Unless it's the chrome chain guard that gives it away. But that's one of the things I've always wondered about the old schwinns, they all had different names but they all...
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    Sarasota klunker culture?

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    Market place find

    I remember as a kid throwing my leg over my bike w an upswept rear fender like the one on the bike w the black banana seat, and I sliced my inner thigh open. Looked just like a football. Would it be weird to say its one of my fondest childhood memories?
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    Rat Bike Rescue - My Finds

    Id say build something fast and narrow out of it...
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    Hammer Mechanic's Freshest Finds

    I think that particular style of (yellow) frame looks so cool as a klunker or bmx'er.
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    Survivor 74 Schwinn Middleweight

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    Barn find - If you know, you know...

    I gotta say...Ive never been a fan of fat tire bikes, but then again, Ive never seen one of these before. Now I want one. Tough lookin sled!!!:inlove:
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    1980 Schwinn Craigslist find

    1980 Schwinn cruiser. $140. Gonna klunkify it. Did a fender excision and a de-baskefication. (put it on the cruiser 5) while im at it, may as well show y'all my 62 as well. (sorry, not the best pic)
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    Sarasota klunker culture?

    preachin' to the choir buddy. Not really any trails here except the legacy and its asphalt, predominantly new gravel/mountain/road bikes. Beautiful ride, but no klunker culture. Closest thing ive seen is a few SE Racing bikes down in Siesta Key village every so often. I even put an ad on CL and...
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    Sarasota klunker culture?

    Does anybody know if there's any kind of clunker/cruiser culture in the sarasota area? Any events, rides, etc.. I've been here over 20 years and can't seem to find like minded people anywhere
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    Dunedin Florida Vintage & Custom Bicycle Show & Swap

    Hey there all...just wondering if this show and swap coming back for 2024? I live in Sarasota and there is no "clunker" culture anywhere that I know of.
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    So the watch is a legit tag, no original box or papers, but I have the receipt and insurance replacement value ($4550), from Swiss Watch Expo in Atlanta. and it can be easily authenticated. It is a 2018 CAK2110, chrono, waterproof to 1860 feet, helium release valve, sapphire crystal, 43mm...
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    Small Schwinn lot.

    hey man...been a while since I was on here. do you by chance still have the forks? 26"?
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    Small Schwinn lot.

    Only thing left of thi lot are the brakes and the cranks.
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    62 Typhoon wheel set, original condition -withdrawn

    not sure how to mark unavailable, but these wheels are no longer avilable