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  1. KevinM

    WANTED stingray rear fender, last part needed!

    I have the L brackets.
  2. KevinM

    Parting out 1972 Schwinn Manta Ray

    Yes there is.
  3. KevinM

    FOUND Cheap red BMX stem pad

    I have one. PM me.
  4. KevinM

    WANTED Girvin Forks

    PM me
  5. KevinM

    WANTED stingray rear fender, last part needed!

    I have a headbadge screw. We may have talked about a chainguard before.
  6. KevinM

    Murray King Kat Chopper

    I have a Fire Cat.
  7. KevinM

    SOLD Parts For Sale

    PM me if the chainguard and reflector are for sale.
  8. KevinM

    ISO of a couple seats Banana seats that is

    PM me on the loaf seat as I think I have one.
  9. KevinM

    WANTED AMF Flying Wedge chainguard brake levers and 5 speed shifter

    I have a painted guard like that but with another bike model name on it. PM me if need be.
  10. KevinM

    WTB: 62 Schwinn Typhoon 20" Bike

    I have one PM. me.
  11. KevinM

    Stingray parts - 1967

    I can help you out on hubs or wheels. Maybe a chainguard but what front sprocket are you using? A pic of your project would be helpful.
  12. KevinM

    WANTED Schwinn Studded Balloon

    PM sent
  13. KevinM

    Parting out 1972 Schwinn Manta Ray

    Headbadge $10 Overload Tube $50 Pedals $15 Stem $35 Grips $14 Shifter $225 Front Wheel $100 Frame $150 Kickstand $15 Sissybar with clamps/hardware $25 Disc Brake dated 1971 with wheel and clamp $1400 Crank/BB/Mag Sprocket $75 Seat $250 Brake Levers $15 Double cable clamp $15 Fork $50 Headset $15...
  14. KevinM

    Parting out 1972 Schwinn Manta Ray

    I hate parting this one out but maybe it will help someone complete a bike.
  15. KevinM

    WTB: 1970'S Schwinn Stingray S2 Shorty Rear Fender

    Do you still need a fender?
  16. KevinM

    WTB 24” S2 wheels/rims

    Are you still looking? PM me if so.
  17. KevinM

    Araya 26 x 1.75 36 hole rim

    I have a set of them. PM me if you need.
  18. KevinM

    King kat fire king ram rod parts

    I think I have the bracket. PM me.
  19. KevinM

    Nice set of chrome wheels for Schwinn 27 inch road bike.

    Do you need complete steel ones or just hoops? PM me.
  20. KevinM

    Huffy chain guard

    I have another. PM me.