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  1. UnDerzon3


    to bad you went with a cartyre and not a wide mctyre instead, never liked the look of cartyres on a bike :( otherwise, really great job (Y) :D
  2. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    oh and also... it's more or less decided that this frame will be scraped and rebuilt. Most likely in aluminum. Probably with the same design but just with some minor changes. It will take som time before we begin though since my bud will be showing his car at scandinavias biggest carshow now in...
  3. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    tjäna! was invited to a bikemeet in sthlm last fall by dirtmechanic (although i didn't make it). Back then i was thinking exactly the same thing as i'm thinking now when you mentioned this meet. Why put a bikemeet so late in the year? why not in the middle of the summer when it's the best time...
  4. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    Nah, but we came up with at new idea for the wheels and therefore the frame would need quite a rebuild to not have the frame laying on the ground. So we're thinking about ditching this one and then rebuild it with the design just enough changed to go along with the rims we though of
  5. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    maybe this whole thing will be scraped...
  6. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    thanks for the appreciation! well it's a 323. lowered on coils, ~85mm front and ~60mm inte the back. Wheels on the pic are "rondell 0067" 17x9" squared 2-pc split (sold them recently). Then it's just some minor details on it. Like m3 mirrors and stuff :)
  7. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    in my pals garage in Östhammar :)
  8. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    Miss... can I have a fork? Okey, just so you won't think that the project ain't moving forward, I'm gonna throw in a quick update on what's been happening. We decided when we did the mock up of the frame that we would go with a triple fork. As neither of us want to put money into this project...
  9. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    Thanks for the input! :) And sorry, but as english isn't my first language it's probably not the last time i'm not gonna use the correct term for a certain part on the bike :p Glad you like it! I always use the guard on the grinder i have at home. My pal on the other hand refuse to have one...
  10. UnDerzon3


    maybe you should cut out some text or something in the filler panel, that could turn out pretty good?
  11. UnDerzon3

    My New Toy!

    wooow, this bike look tremendous!
  12. UnDerzon3

    Freestyled chop-chop-chopper

    Intro Well hello everyone! :D Time to get building again! I'm here to present a project by my buddy and I. It started out as a build which was just a cruiser that was going to be rebuilt a bit. Maybe stretched and a bit lower. But the further the project went the more it became a build from...
  13. UnDerzon3

    Project: El Cordito

    daaamn, supercool idea! might do something similar! :)
  14. UnDerzon3

    I had a dream-renamed Devils Dream

    with the lenght of the fork and with those fork ends i think i would look really good if you would bend the fork forwards!! :) good job with the tank so far!
  15. UnDerzon3

    Schoolproject: building a cruiserbike

    Thanks guys :) Today me and my friend grabbed on to the clamps once again... and now, to top tube is done It's a slow process bending the tubes by hand but i don't have much of a choice. Counted that i have somewhere between 20-30h worktime left before the bike should be done. Could be tight!
  16. UnDerzon3

    No Use for a Name...back at it again

    awesome, just awesome...
  17. UnDerzon3


    looks really good man, diggin the design a lot! great work!! :)
  18. UnDerzon3

    Schoolproject: building a cruiserbike

    well guys, the bendingprocess has begun... after some testing back and forth i finally got the hang of it and the bending went quite good. Nevertheless it takes rather long time to bend the tube and alone it takes even more time. Had a friend which stoped by today to help me, just to have...
  19. UnDerzon3

    phat wheel??

    have you been doing something on this and if so, how did it go? :)
  20. UnDerzon3

    "Lakester" -Prewar Elgin Fixie!

    Re: Prewar Elgin Fixie! really cool! maybe put a racerbar on it? or at least a bullhorn :)