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  1. mikeeebikey

    Nexus four gearing or swap??

    Your complaint is not having a low enough gear right? I would go up one tooth on the rear.
  2. mikeeebikey

    Who do you get your parts from?

    Bicycle spokes are a funny thing! I definitely try to use name brand such as Will Smith, ( that's a talk to text failure I have to leave) WHEEL SMITH!
  3. mikeeebikey

    Show us your kid’s bikes

    Thought I'd drag this thread back since my kids have kids now. I get to find, build and hook kids up. The schwinn roadster trike was a given, had to get one for the baby. Got her sister a garage sale bike w/handle and had a banana seat lying around... Made some happy grand babies!
  4. mikeeebikey

    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    And my old banana seat goes on the grand daughter's first no training wheel bike. The steady buddy happens to make a great sissy bar...
  5. mikeeebikey

    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    I put a banana seat on to try it out, it was great but a little narrow, thin padding. I knew from bicycle shop working in the 80s not all seats are the same.... So i searched ebay for different looking nanna seats, got lucky my first try! Little details like more side area, strengthening rib...
  6. mikeeebikey

    valve caps ,little detail

    The standard 8 ball caps were puny to the big kendas, so a mini pool ball stepped up!
  7. mikeeebikey

    Dealer Display Models

    When I was a kid I remember the display bikes in the windows were usually Chrome or black. That really is a gorgeous bike.
  8. mikeeebikey

    Redline info needed

    That looks like the RL 20. That's going to be a pricey one when you find it!
  9. mikeeebikey

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    My rig is stupid simple, an acoustic Fender. Simple, safe and I can play slide anywhere....since slide is all I can effectively play with arthritis. Never took time to really learn pitch and where to find them my playing is Taught to me, not learned!
  10. mikeeebikey


    So I understand you sell handlebar extensions!? Care to publicly discuss prices, or should I PM you?
  11. mikeeebikey

    New guy here

    Six bikes is a lot of pictures, get to them mister!
  12. mikeeebikey

    Show me your cool little details! ~:The Little Things:~

    I have a 1 bedroom apartment I run as a BnB, included is a bike for each occupant. This is 1 of my women's bike butt. On a Dyno with all the goods. I love this thread, great ideas in it.
  13. mikeeebikey

    Bobber style Anyone?

    Yes I like bobbers.
  14. mikeeebikey

    My first Schwinn.

    My first, last and about a hundred Schwinn's in between are sadly gone. I build and sell. What catches my eye, and this time I hope one catches my grand daughter's eye! Starting her off right.
  15. mikeeebikey

    Yard Art Gallery ( bikes as yard decorations)

    The ex returned this one after more than a year outdoors in Florida.... not destroyed but my hearts not in it, porch art it becomes beautiful again!
  16. mikeeebikey

    Dunedin Florida Vintage & Custom Bicycle Show & Swap

    I will try but am on call for work.
  17. mikeeebikey

    Swaparoo - need a great commuting bike and have a Dyno Moto Glide Metallic Purple with silver flames to trade

    I have a trader. Haven't rode it in over a year. Built for no maintenance rain or shine rides, full lights for the nights. 3 speed coaster insures none of the pesky cable rust up and bullet proof shifting. I am 5'10" and it fits. 1999 GT Zaskar frame, 700 x 28c. Let me know if interested or just...