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  1. Bicyclerick

    1959 Jaguar

    I ended up buying this bike, and found out it is a 58 not 59.
  2. Bicyclerick


    The Bike turned out GREAT, I like your locations for the pictures.
  3. Bicyclerick

    Torker 280X

    I just scored this Torker 280X added grips and its done.
  4. Bicyclerick

    Schwinn "Cruiser 5"

    heres mine
  5. Bicyclerick

    Chainguard Gallery - Post Pics Here

    Just a few.
  6. Bicyclerick

    El Torreon Swap meet

    Two weeks and counting.
  7. Bicyclerick

    show off your looptails!

    Heres a few of mine.
  8. Bicyclerick

    Motorized Bicycles

    Heres a couple that I've done.
  9. Bicyclerick

    Early Christmas Gift

    A good friend stops by the shop and drops this off and says Merry Christmas, and have fun cleaning this up. All I can say is thank you. 1980 Mongoose Motomag The fork after acid bath
  10. Bicyclerick

    Vintage Bicycle swap meet Belton MO, KCMO

    Sounds like a good time. See you there
  11. Bicyclerick

    My new wingbar! NEW PICS ADDED Pic heavy!

    Re: My new wingbar! Great score Josh. Leave it alone and enjoy it as it is. Just my opinion
  12. Bicyclerick

    Two New Ones

    Thanks on all the post. The Roadmaster is a one year reproduction in 1998 One of 5000 made. The Schwinn is a restoration of a 1948 D-37XE. They are both very nice machines and are on display at my shop.
  13. Bicyclerick

    Two New Ones

    I picked these up this morning. First is a Roadmaster Luxury Liner. Second is a 40s Ladies Skiptooth Schwinn
  14. Bicyclerick

    (pics r up) Hutch Trick Star

    Looks good. I just picked up a survivor Trickstar also. Heres mine.
  15. Bicyclerick

    60's Murray Trike **COMPLETED**

    turned out nice. Great job
  16. Bicyclerick

    Trike Restoration

    They were the last pair that I had in stock. I don't know where to get any more. Its hard to find anything for trikes anymore.
  17. Bicyclerick

    Trike Restoration

    I restored this for a friend who got for his second christmas. He wants to give it to his grandson for his first birthday. I think it turned out nice for a sixty year old trike. I agree red grips would look better but its hard to find trike grips now that hunt/wilde doesnt make them anymore.
  18. Bicyclerick

    Trike Restoration