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  1. Firewalker

    The By Accident build?

    LOL I was wondering how long it would take! :mrgreen: LOL more info to fallow :wink: FW
  2. Firewalker

    My Trike at South Beach

    lol thats great! A man's Trike! FW
  3. Firewalker

    Show off your non-bike related photography

    thanks for all the great SHOTS!!! my screen saver album has never been so full! :mrgreen: FW
  4. Firewalker

    The By Accident build?

    So I have been working on some custom upholstery for a customer's car....(a very cool 81 TA Pro Touring LS3) :shock: full leather! However! As I have been moving around the shop I have been finding the odd bike part here and there.......well over the past week a bike has emerged in the corner...
  5. Firewalker

    How long can you get away with having a bike in the house?

    for me its size and how purdy it is lol.... the 78 Norco MX I have been able to keep next to the bar for sum years now... :roll: FW
  6. Firewalker

    Dyeing a Seat With RIT Dye HELP

    SEM is a good product for dying! I use it from time to time in my work :mrgreen: FW
  7. Firewalker

    Painting old vinyl/plastic seats

    very cool!
  8. Firewalker

    How do you store your bikes??

    So far like this .. FW
  9. Firewalker

    Why did you pick your AVATAR

    Well the square tire just means alot when it comes to life! no matter what happins...just keep doing what you like doing and keep on rollin!!! do not let anybody or anything stop ya! :mrgreen: FW
  10. Firewalker

    Lets see handlebars

    ones that I found in my parts bin FW
  11. Firewalker

    What's am I doing wrong....

    never feel like and idiot around here!!!! A dumb question is one that is not asked!!!! :D thats what makes this place great! keep us posted! FW
  12. Firewalker

    Firewalkers "Pic-A-nick" Cruiser! DONE! but not in

    Since my return I have been getting some PMs from a few members about the Pic-A-nick Cruiser :mrgreen: How I did it? what I had done? how was that made? what bike is it from? So I found the old post and tried my best to put all the pictures back in place! hope this answers all your question...
  13. Firewalker

    Show us your Banana Seat Bikes! MO NANNA MO BETTA

    Love the rear wheel set up on the first bike shown on the first page! heck! They are all cool! here are a few I have made FW
  14. Firewalker

    What's am I doing wrong....

    did it work? if so great! if not..... can you post some pictures for us thanks! :D FW
  15. Firewalker

    Looking forward to RRBBO#8

  16. Firewalker

    Bike for a bikeless kid! "Mission Accomplished!"

    Re: Bike for a bikeless kid! Hats off to you brother! Nice going, that's real Christmas spirit! FW
  17. Firewalker

    It ain't a Rat, but it's going to be my next ride

    The one pictured in blue is real nice!!! :mrgreen: FW
  18. Firewalker


    Hey KingFish.....I thought you may like to see this..... made it because I could not find one lol metal from the shop...horns from a local farmer :mrgreen: FW
  19. Firewalker

    My 3-speed mini fink

    Lol....very Cool! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: FW
  20. Firewalker

    Christmas spirit

    Thats Great! Thanks for the post and Hats off to you brother Largek9! FW