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  1. Johnny Payphone

    How To: Leaf springer fork aka "Leafer"

  2. Johnny Payphone

    anyone made a springer fork?

    You can use most anything, and adjust the nut on the stem for more or less spring. However, it's important that the main spring be stronger than the recoil spring. Also note that some springs are compression- they store energy when squeezed- and some are expansion- they get bigger when they...
  3. Johnny Payphone

    anyone made a springer fork?

    See my how-to video:
  4. Johnny Payphone

    Victus Mortuus

    As the inventor of the pennyfakething, and the owner of, I hereby declare this the gnarliest pennyfakething ever built.
  5. Johnny Payphone

    Back Alley Bike Club: South Dakota

    You guys should go to the May Day parade in Minneapolis.
  6. Johnny Payphone

    Jersey Devils B.C. - We're official!

    You guys look like a lot of fun, love your choppers, hope I can come out and ride with you some day.
  7. Johnny Payphone

    Coker Wheelman

    They are bringing back the Wheelman in June!
  8. Johnny Payphone

    The Clockwork Motorcycle Project

    Okay permissions changed, try again.
  9. Johnny Payphone

    The Clockwork Motorcycle Project

    Okay I figured out I had to add trackers to the torrent, perhaps it will work now.
  10. Johnny Payphone

    The Clockwork Motorcycle Project

    If you can picture what a spring does when you let it go, it lets all the energy loose at once. In a clock this release is governed by an escapement of some sort (which also serves the purpose of doling out the energy at a regular interval, but I'm not so concerned with that). Da Vinci's...
  11. Johnny Payphone

    Old School Sidecar (Now Trailer) build for Western Flyer

    Re: Old School Bicycle Sidecar Build for 1950 Western Flyer Every time I've been approached by a parent to build a sidecar, they always eventually choose the trailer instead. Sidecars get stuck in traffic, and the trailer gives you on-demand cargo capacity while still being able to fit through...
  12. Johnny Payphone

    The Clockwork Motorcycle Project

    That is what it is- it uses two garage door springs designed to lift 1200 lbs- so it basically contains the energy of three fat guys jumping off a cliff with a rope attached to the bike. The reason you don't have spring-powered cars is that there's a limit to how much it can store. So instead...
  13. Johnny Payphone

    Count Chopula 10th Anniversary Combat Sidecar Chopper

    I was very inspired by the "Rag and Bone" bike I saw on this forum. I wanted to make something like that but with a little more emphasis on function over form. I like steampunk but even more I am captivated by the pith helmeted tales of Bedouins and the Nairn Way in Northern Africa. This bike...
  14. Johnny Payphone

    The Clockwork Motorcycle Project

    National Geographic's Mad Scientists show challenged me to make a clockwork motorcycle in 48 hours.
  15. Johnny Payphone


    Hello Rat Rodders, I have enjoyed this thread tremendously. I hope you have seen, my vintage tallbike pictures page. No credit.. ouch! The back of the first picture reads "A Jaunt on Choppers, 1918" The second picture says only "Barnabas Newfeld the...
  16. Johnny Payphone

    just for fun fun fun by the rat patrol

    That pennyfarthing is a manufactured bike. However it had been heavily kustomized by the old boricua owner. Check online and you can find them, they're relatively cheap and I assume you can buy just the 36" fixed wheel, that could be useful.
  17. Johnny Payphone

    The Steampunk Rat Rods of Klaas

    I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with forum culture. I was led here when Rag and Bone appeared on Brassgoggles and I just wanted to show the work of a friend. Do I need an introduction?
  18. Johnny Payphone

    The Steampunk Rat Rods of Klaas

    Klaas is a buddy of mine from the Klunker League Now chapter in Ghent, Belgium. He has a very classic style. I don't know if he's heard the term "steampunk" but most of the truest steampunks haven't. Here are some of his bikes: You can see more like the one above at my website...