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  1. ej599


    Re: Flex{\\\}Liner 7 TwinFlex Spaceliner 6/15 Truss Wings? Nice work!
  2. ej599

    Show us your Vintage Raleighs!

    Nice! Does the rear hub have a date stamped?
  3. ej599


  4. ej599

    FELT IT! (quake)

    I thought it was you crashing your buildoff bike!! JK :lol: Didn't feel a thing.
  5. ej599


    In my floatie with a paper bag over my head....
  6. ej599


    Some nice work here. Hard to choose.
  7. ej599


    The family decided to put a pool in this summer. Had a bunch of earth to move, electrical and other stuff.The electrical ran across my garage which is still in shambles while we wait for the building inspector to come check on the work. Also I need to buy some Hyperformance blue schwinn paint...
  8. ej599


    :oops: D.N.F. Oh, the shame..... :oops:
  9. ej599

    Sturmey "Sprinter" S5C 5 spd -Advice?

    You have to use an Sturmey 3 speed indexing shifter on the right side just like a 3 speed. Then use a 10 speed style friction shifter on the left to work the bell arm. Here's a bike I buit using this set up: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=14207&hilit=+hercules viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15168&hilit=+hercules
  10. ej599


    Thanks. I'm thinking I may buy some of that Schwinn color matching paint and have the bars match the bike. I'd love to chrome em' but Im way too cheap! :lol: White grips and pedals should look good. The headlight bracket I have in my head should also compliment the lines of the bike. And...
  11. ej599


    Got the bars nearly welded up tonight. Little bit left to do.
  12. ej599

    Excelsior Deluxe- 6/29--chainguard mounted

    Re: Excelsior Deluxe- 6/20--update...... finally Nice!!
  13. ej599

    Mash Banger "Last Act"

    Re: Mash Banger Dig it!
  14. ej599


    Right but no tape.
  15. ej599


    Thanks!! Corndogs? :shock: :?: Who can guess where these are going? Hint: Tapped for 1/4-20 threads.
  16. ej599


    Re: "RATS-ALT" (NEW LINES) Satin?
  17. ej599


    Re: "RATS-ALT" (NEW LINES) Oh yeah, now I see it. The picture didn't convey that. Next time have a short person take the picture. :lol: Looks great! (and I really I mean it this time!) :mrgreen:
  18. ej599


    Re: "RATS-ALT" (NEW LINES) That tubing looks good! I think the chainguard should somehow follow the same line though. Both should be parallel with the ground.
  19. ej599

    * GROUND ZERO * (Now I can have a cold one!)

    Re: * GROUND ZERO * (New tank and ride pics!) Those bars are great!
  20. ej599


    Ha ha! Massachussettah. I like that. My wife's from Mass and I'm still not sure. But she's a big Red Sox fan Deorman and would snarl at me if I called her a Yankee. I'll have to ask her... Hey Kota, do they call drinking fountains 'bubblers' in your part of the state?