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  1. rusty flyer

    Let's see your Cleveland Welding bicycles!

    Finally got around to re-doing my 46-47 Roadmaster, Had a poor quality spray bomb paint job when I got it. It stripped the old paint and tried to salvage what was left of the original, was not much. Rusted the frame to a point and two light coats of linseed oil, I also made a lay back seat...
  2. rusty flyer


    Three years ago I wanted to do a rat rod pickup truck but could not justify the time. Not a huge thing but always in the back of my mind to do a rat rod. One day I picked up a Hot Rod magazine and saw an article where a guy took an old bicycle and motorized it and made it look like an antique...
  3. rusty flyer

    Bikes! with Their Riders!

    Nice day in the mountains :happy:
  4. rusty flyer

    Desert Geo Couch

    Thanks Loco Joe!!! Next couch I find will definitely get a seated photo!!! This one is gone now, we sold the property nearby. Thanks for the nice replies :)
  5. rusty flyer

    Best gearing for 26" single speed

    My single speed klunker type is 28/19 which is 1.47:1 or 38 gear inches. Very low but geared toward hills and sand. Would cause a lot of spinning if you wanted to get much speed at all. It's pretty cool how you can custom tailor a single speed bike with gearing to do a specific job.
  6. rusty flyer

    Path Racer

    Hi guys, I did some upgrades to this bike over the winter. I wanted to put the original Bendix coaster brake bake in but also wanted to up the gear ratio too. I could not find the rear cog I wanted because of the spline in the original so I found a a 28 hole RB-2 that had a 16 T cog so I changed...
  7. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    Much appreciated Wildcat! Will try and find a three gill :thumbsup:
  8. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    I would like to get a tank for this bike but not sure what exactly will fit. Most of the examples I've seen for this model are the three gill type. Will this one fit? If not, please help...
  9. rusty flyer

    Indoor Exercise Bikes or Adaptions ?

    Here's my indoor bike, you can get these for cheap with a little looking around. Mine is pretty old but works fine. I'm in west Texas so cold weather is not so much a problem to ride but there is not enough daylight after work in winter so I ride this two to three times per week. I squeak in...
  10. rusty flyer

    Muscle Bike Race Challenge, 2016

    Impressive, I wish you would get some challengers. Makes me want to do a MBBO next year :thumbsup:
  11. rusty flyer

    Indoor Exercise Bikes or Adaptions ?

    I agree with horsefarmer, use an upright stationary if you are used to a cruiser, or get rollers. I got an old DG upright stationary at a flea market for $30. I'll post a photo and how I use it next week when I get home.
  12. rusty flyer


    ......Literally. I turned over 2,000 miles since July 2015 according to my phone app. Mostly done on my path racer Also a little klunking thrown in. Anyone else keeping up with their miles for exercise or just because...
  13. rusty flyer

    A strange fish

    Sounds like a trusted old friend, It's pretty neat how you tweaked the bike to perform for different kinds of riding. Good for you for going after the roadies on the RB downhill!!! I hope your bike lasts as long as you need it and want it to, I'm sure it will with the attention you have given it...
  14. rusty flyer

    Rat Rod Mountain Biking Trip

    Hey, thanks for the kind words OddJob!!! I'm still having nice flash backs from that trip, Pretty sure it will be an annual thing! Klunk on!
  15. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    Coopertooth looks very nice with the brown paint, Very appropriate for this bike, The cooper wheels and trim go well with the brown. Still looks like an old bike but with tasteful updates. Here's a few more photos; I think this bike was inside most of its life, The seat cover is in good...
  16. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    Sludge guy, Yes both New Departure hubs are chrome, will take some photos and post tonight.
  17. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    Thanks Guys! Copper Tooth turned out very nice Wildcat, I like how the rusty finish turned out and have considered doing something similar if I cannot save enough of the paint to be worthwhile. Please share how you achieved that if you don't mind. I suspected mine might be slightly post-war...
  18. rusty flyer

    CWC Roadmaster Help Please

    I picked up this Road Master a few months ago and I would like to know what year it was built if possible. I've been thru a few different threads here and at the cabe and still not real sure. It has Torrington bars and New Departure Model D rear hub. The seals over the bearings on the bottom...
  19. rusty flyer

    Hawthorne Klunker Build...check it out!

    Sweet! Turned out nice :thumbsup: For coaster brakes; I've got a bike with a Bendix red band and another with Sachs Komet Super, Both modulate well and have a lot of stopping power. What's the gear ratio and how is that working for you?
  20. rusty flyer

    Getting Late

    Late 60's AMF- Klunkered - Photo from today's ride :bigsmile: