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  1. TexasXXX

    Trying to identify a 24" Schwinn...missing serial numbers?

    Gary, thanks for posting that pic. Mine came with a mag sprocket, rubber block pedals, and fenders for sure. The back fender was recessed with a round reflector mounted in it....if that's anymore help in determining this bike's origin.
  2. TexasXXX

    Trying to identify a 24" Schwinn...missing serial numbers?

    I'm pretty sure it's a middleweight bike of some sort......
  3. TexasXXX

    Trying to identify a 24" Schwinn...missing serial numbers?

    Sorry for the poor picture quality :( I bought the bike complete at a yard sale last'd been sandblasted,reassembled, and I bought it that way. In my ignorance I left it outside for a few months.....but nothing that another sandblasting can't fix ;)
  4. TexasXXX

    Trying to identify a 24" Schwinn...missing serial numbers?

    Unfortunately for me right now I'm only able to use my smart phone.....and not sure how to post pics currently because of this :?
  5. TexasXXX

    Trying to identify a 24" Schwinn...missing serial numbers?

    Good evening, I have a mens/boys 24" Schwinn bicycle that I elieve is from the early 70's....but I cannot locate the darn serial numbers :( I have looked all over the rear drop outs,the bottom bracket....and also the headtube and anywhere else that one would expect the numbers to normally...
  6. TexasXXX

    Custom cnc rear drop outs?

    Anyone remember someone or a company that produced these dropouts?? I remember one design that was available looked like a 6 shooter pistol :shock:
  7. TexasXXX

    Custom cnc rear drop outs?

    Good evening, I'm beginning work on a 70's era 24" Schwinn boys bike for a rider....and I'd like to possibly change out the rear drop outs in favor of something totally different :) A few years back I remember there were a couple companies who offerred custom cnc steel rear drop outs with...
  8. TexasXXX


    Are there any plans to produce a short run of these badges?? :shock:
  9. TexasXXX

    24" and 26" Jerald Slick Tires (Square Tread)

    Those white walls are SICK!!!! Anyone know what the thinnest 24" wheel those tires will fit?? I've got a mid 70's 24" Schwinn that I'm about to ratify
  10. TexasXXX

    Cash Matthews - 70s Pro BMX Racer

    Hey Cash, my wife and I met you in Houston back in 2003 I think it was at a bicycle swap meet------the three of us went to McDonald's for breakfast. I'm also known as "Oldschooler" on .... GREAT to see that you're still around my friend! Brian
  11. TexasXXX

    Wow, it's been a while.....

    Hey guys, it's been since the last part of last Summer since I was last here at the forum. I'm glad to see that everyone is still crankin' on some bikes. I had to take a short break for a while......but I've just recently picked up some more bikes.....mainly 4 of those $50 Walmart Schwinn...
  12. TexasXXX

    Anyone need a riding lawnmower???

    Randy, that John Deere bike ROCKS......what a really nice custom......and that mower attachment is just too cool! 8)
  13. TexasXXX

    Vintage Redline BMX Chainring Polish Job.

    Kev, that's SICK man! I love those Redline chainrings....just pure classic BMX oldschool tastiness!
  14. TexasXXX

    Anyone need a riding lawnmower???

    Good morning, a friend of mine forwarded this pic to me in an email....and I just had to share it. I have no info on this bicycle.....but I think it's hilarious!!!!
  15. TexasXXX

    Lots of WWII bikes, check it out.

    Thanks for sharing those pics.....definately looks like a neat setup they have there at that museum.
  16. TexasXXX

    Well how was your weekend?we saw some cool stuff!!!

    AWESOME pics!!!! :mrgreen:
  17. TexasXXX

    Anyone close to Winnebago,IL. ????

    Well, I ended up NOT getting the bike. I have my strong suspicions that there was a case of shill bidding I opted NOT to bid. I did inform the seller that if anything happened with the auction winner that I'd still like to own the bike. Who knows if I'll get a shot at it...but...
  18. TexasXXX

    Anyone close to Winnebago,IL. ????

    AWESOME...THANKS man!!!! I've emailed the seller a couple times and he seems like a great guy....even offerred for you to come over and check out the bike for me.....but I told him that there probably wasn't enough time for that. I'll let you know asap if I end up getting the bike...
  19. TexasXXX

    Anyone close to Winnebago,IL. ????

    Actually, I'd rather not post info directly about the bike until I find out if it's something I can get or not.....I hate outing auctions that I plan to bid on. :wink: