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  1. Hooksie313

    Dyno Bike pics

    They are homemade. Painters Tape and white acrylic spray paint . [emoji106]
  2. Hooksie313

    Dyno Bike pics

    Dyno Ultra glide Soon heading to it’s forever home.
  3. Hooksie313

    Over my head

    Credit to my wife for suggesting this. Blue painters tape to mask. Pro tip: already one inch wide. And heat resistant white enamel spray. She saved me hours.
  4. Hooksie313

    Over my head

    Thx Kingfish. I used scissors to snip the tape and it wraps ok. I used the heat gun , gingerly to stretch and shrink the tape. There are some bubbles but looks like it’s gonna stick. I’ve tried to use clean gloves throughout the process, and it’s looking ok for a novice attempt.
  5. Hooksie313

    Over my head

    Once again I’ve jumped in to the deep end. Anybody have advice on how to apply vinyl checker tape to hoops. I thought maybe heat gun applied lightly & carefully. Would appreciate any advice.
  6. Hooksie313

    Dyno Bike pics

    Looks like a deuce frame from the gusset up front. At least I think that’s what it’s called.
  7. Hooksie313

    Lunch time score, Eric Malone fortified with Sunny Garcia!

    That’s old man Malones’ boy. [emoji16]
  8. Hooksie313

    Electra Revil Chainguard

    Looking to buy an older style chainguard for my Revil. This is the pre Flat foot kind. Same kind as on the Rat Rods. Has the triangular shape at the crank end. Kinda like this one but longer.
  9. Hooksie313

    JC Higgins 3 speed hub, Higgins wheelset, drop hoop, leather seat

    Pedals received. Thx Dizzle!
  10. Hooksie313

    JC Higgins 3 speed hub, Higgins wheelset, drop hoop, leather seat

    I’ll take your Dyno pedals. I’ll send pm
  11. Hooksie313

    Looking For a 26"x2 or 26"x57mm Silver/Chrome Wheelset

    Check out clydejamescycles on Ebay. Reasonably priced and excellent service. They have 57mms and 80mm. And a lot more
  12. Hooksie313

    Dyno Fireball - Red with Tank

  13. Hooksie313

    Trade 26” triple tree for dual springer

    I have a set of triple tree forks. 1 1/8 Threadless. Looking to swap for a 1 1/8 threadless dual springer fork for a 26” My forks have been modified to accommodate a bigger tire. Added 2 inches to original fork. Length is 23 1/2”. Steer tube is 1 1/8 threadless 10 1/2”.
  14. Hooksie313

    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Latest Score: Rally Sport. Was gonna sell but....
  15. Hooksie313

    Electra Rockabilly Boogy

    Nice score!
  16. Hooksie313

    Fender brackets for 27" or larger wheel.

    Looking for a single bracket for a 27" or greater for modification. Anybody have one laying around.
  17. Hooksie313

    26 x 50 mm nexus 3 speed set

    That's a good deal. Someone should grab this one.
  18. Hooksie313

    Wanted felt el guapo .

    I don't know if it's the same frame, but I have a felt monster energy drink frame & parts I'm unloading. Looks very similar to your pic.
  19. Hooksie313

    Higgins ID

    This time it is a Higgins. Just trying to find the year and other details.heres the serial from left rear dropout: 502 45200 851857. That last digit "7" may be a 1 or nothing at all
  20. Hooksie313

    Can anybody help ID this bike?

    Here's what it looks like now