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  1. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Missed out on the deadline :arghh:. Been flat out for a while now, but managed to get the bike finished, and had planned on taking pics on Sunday (the only time I had free this week). The bike is stored 30 miles away, and was going to pick it up, have a ride and take some pics at a local MTB...
  2. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    With less than a week to go, I won't get any time to paint the bars or strip it back and clean too much, so I'll just have to chuck in a bit of grease and take some pics. All good though, sometimes the important stuff has to come first :)
  3. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    I'd better!!......Time's a runnin' out :eek:
  4. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    I threw some parts onto the frame today for a look. Pretty happy with it, just have pull it down again and clean and grease everything, paint the stem and bars and put it back together.
  5. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    I got the fork painted. It was pretty rusty and the chrome was flaking, so took a lot of sanding. I painted it with rattlecan Kilrust, an epoxy rust preventative paint we get in Australia. The pic isn't the best, but it came out very well, and has been hanging in the sun hardening for a few...
  6. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Thanks OddJob. this one is just throwing parts on a frame. I think it'll come out looking OK.
  7. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Thanks Brian. I am doing well, and hope you are as well. Still working my butt off working full time, playing gigs and renovating. Our house that we moved out of a few years ago is just finished and ready for the market though. I can start to take it easy again when it's sold, and do some more...
  8. bean

    What's in a NAME ?

    My frame is a Malvern Star Cruisestar, and it has cool stars in the dropouts. It's Klunkerish, so Klunkstar is the name I chose.
  9. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    I had a couple of hours today, so managed to get a couple of things done. I bought a pair of 2.4 Maxxis Holy Rollers from my LBS and fitted them to the wheels.....they look nice and fat on the DoubleWide rims :). Also pulled down the frame from the rafters and gave it a quick wipe over and...
  10. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Dug out some parts. I only get to my storage shed once a week, so grabbed a few things today. I have to sand and paint the fork, strip the tires off the wheels and clean them up, and sand and paint the bars and stem. Given the small amount of spare time I have, work on this build will be...
  11. bean

    Schwinn "Shamrock!"

    Time for another bump :)
  12. bean

    RRBBO13 RATLINER ( tail lights, more sprockets, titanium and she is done)

    Shamrock was one of my favorite bikes on here. Ever. I even bought a set of those Nitto bars after seeing it.
  13. bean

    RRBBO13 Klunkstar - DNF

    Why not!! I've been pretty much absent from here for the past couple of years except for the occasional lurk to see what's happening. I'm starting with a Malvern Star Cruisestar frame I've had for around 10 years. The frame is currently hanging from rafters in my storage shed and has been for...
  14. bean

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "¡ʇdᴉɹɔs ǝɥʇ dᴉlℲ" Trike finished thread. (SOLD to finance exciting new venture!)

    First time in months I've checked out RRB, and this is the first thing I see.......made my day. I certainly do remember the ride and the old lady!
  15. bean

    FINAL RANKINGS - Voting Results

    Well done to everyone! I'm blown away to have finished in the Top 10 with this bike. Hopefully I will have my shed built for next year and be able to build a new bike, instead of a redux.
  16. bean

    International roll call

    Emu Park, Australia
  17. bean


    Been super busy with work, playing gigs and working on houses. I have a couple of days off, so will finally be able to have a decent look at the build threads........Yes, I voted pretty much just on the fished bike pics :eek:. Thanks to all who like SPINAL TAP. I really didn't to too much this...
  18. bean

    SPINAL TAP - Finished

    Yeah hewey, I built the frame for RRBBO8, which was the first year of the Anything Goes section. I hardly rode it after then, and had the bare frame hanging from the rafters for a couple years, so decided on a redux. I actually dig it much more this time around.