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  1. SectionEightLife

    project "deathtrap" uk broadtrack racer build.

    Oh btw I highly suggest going down and getting some No. 41 chain for it down at a Tractor Supply Co. It'll make a big difference iand save you a lot of breakage and mess in the longrun
  2. SectionEightLife

    project "deathtrap" uk broadtrack racer build.

    I dunno, I kinda like the new tank. Makes it look stout, more serious. No, its not the standard elegant flow that your eye might want to see, but thats another great thing about it - its not standard. It looks like a serious, well centered, heavyset, mean machine now - like it needs to be out on...
  3. SectionEightLife

    Dub's industrial build - Reborn

    Re: Dub's industrial build Never thought I'd see a diesel powered bike before.. Where'd you hide the power steering? Ive been looking for an hour... :wink:
  4. SectionEightLife

    Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. *Its DONE*

    Re: Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. Sweeeet, What kind of rear wheel is it going to be? Im too lazy to stop typing this and double check if you already said :roll: But have you ever tried those flat 'drag slick' sulky tires? Could be a pretty slick idea for later years if you wanna change up, I...
  5. SectionEightLife

    Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. *Its DONE*

    Re: Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. Oh, sorry, I guess you did bob the fender, didnt see that. LOVE it :mrgreen:
  6. SectionEightLife

    Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. *Its DONE*

    Re: Bobber:ish Rex Lyx 1936 Build. Uuuugh, I've been gone for half a year - But I like what I've come back too :wink: I like the new bars and the springer, the rear fender was mighty dapper as well though I'd play around with the idea of bobbing it - could look cool. Bobbing fenders is kinda...
  7. SectionEightLife

    Kustom lowrider/apehanger

    How is this thing coming?? Also that IS in fact the MEANEST looking Volvo Ive ever seen, congratulations youre car has officially made it high into my favorites list
  8. SectionEightLife

    Kustom lowrider/apehanger

    Wow sweet what youve done so far with the bike, really liking that seat so far :D Also, that's a MEAN looking Volvo... I like it! more pictures/video please? o.o
  9. SectionEightLife

    GarageBicycleBuilder Lisbon Portugal! Cadillac painted!

    Re: Humble garage bicycle builder- Lisbon! Now with the Blogue!* Wow I love ALL these bikes! The very very first one you posted and this last one are great! I find it funny how timid you were about even posting anything here at all - but anyone here who can make a bike 100% by hand PLUS have...
  10. SectionEightLife

    my bike

    Clamp on style hub and sprocket, eliminates wobble from the rear. Helps out a LOOTT
  11. SectionEightLife

    Custom Frame For BoardTrack Thumper

    I love this thing! Looks just like one of the old timers' back in the da- wait... Who doesnt want vintage nostalgia of themselves? :roll: Now, boardtracker down and nailed... Now lets see if you can do an Old original Hill Climber as well! Always wanted to see someone on here try one of...
  12. SectionEightLife

    TJ's Bike

    Wow, very niicee! Changing the angle on that rake didn't harm the flow one bit. Ive really gotta steal this method sometime 8) That pain needs to hurry! Cant wait to see what she looks like dolled up! :D -Hans
  13. SectionEightLife


    I cant tell because my computers not letting me check it out :x They look pretty good, but quality is pretty much all the same no matter who you buy it from, a nice decent one can be as cheap as 40-30-even 20 bucks, some times cheaper if your eyes are good enough. If the compy would let me...
  14. SectionEightLife


    Like dis! That should let the tabs of the fork slide right on in to the bracey thingy (That is in fact the technical term - trust me, I'm an expert :roll:) Either way I'm really liking this stance! :mrgreen: ...though I still think it would be sick with a mean landspeed sized crank from an...
  15. SectionEightLife


    To be honest I can understand how the before stance can be preferred. In my opinion I believe its the angle of the springer's spring; its tilted up and kills the flow. That being said I prefer this stance, perhaps you could cut some slots in the brace of the springer near where the forks mount...
  16. SectionEightLife

    warming up

    If youre gonna go down that road I wouldnt mind a rebar papasan while you're at it :wink: But I was curious, do you know what color scheme your gonna go for with this thing? I really dig it.
  17. SectionEightLife

    Gaskill's Hop Shop: "The 37"

    +1 Best friend :lol:
  18. SectionEightLife

    My first build: 1912 Indian

    This is goijng to be incredible! Especially if your following those schematics you have on the wall thaat well :shock: Is it going to be just bike or is it going to have a motor in it? That big of tubing is pretty much just building a heavy duty Indian, might as well just throw in a 61cui. V...
  19. SectionEightLife

    Gaskill's Hop Shop: "The 37"

    lol sorry, I forget this is a bike forum sometimes, I was talking about your Colt in that vid. At least that looked dead on like a Colt 1903 o.O Sorry, Im a gun guy waaaay before Im a bike guy. :roll:
  20. SectionEightLife

    Gaskill's Hop Shop: "The 37"

    Neat truck, very nice 1903 too. Someone stole my 1911 AND my 1873 about 4 years go. So mad, the 1911 was high end comp, best of the best, but that M1873 was my baby, beast of a nail driver too. :cry: