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  1. panelman

    Felt, trailer, little girls bike.

    Here's the trailer and girls 20in. I may change my mind by the time she is ready to ride it but my thought is to rebuild this little Royce Union for my daughter. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  2. panelman

    Felt, trailer, little girls bike.

    Hitting the ground running now that I'm back to playing with bikes. This Felt popped up on my local Craigslist. It needed tubes and a cleaning. The tire are in good shape but the whitewalls are a bit yellow. The three speed shifts perfectly. This should be a good tow vehicle for the kids...
  3. panelman

    I'm back

    Hi all, It's been a couple years since I was active or lurking around here. 3 or so I think. Since then my wife and I have had 2 kids and moved. I am finally finding the time to lurk again and since our youngest will be 1 soon I am working on a trailer puller. Look forward to seeing what's new...
  4. panelman


    Nice Ride Murray built, Straight Seat post would make it 37-39, after that it would be curved. Looks like most of what you have it correct for the bike. Wheels should be Drop centers and is missing the light. It may or may not have had truss rods. Rack would likely have been without the rear...
  5. panelman

    Ladies Firestone 500 Speed Cruiser -- OMG IT'S DONE!

    Looking Good, Cant wait to see it out and riding.
  6. panelman

    Ruff Streamliner

    I got this as my first non-vintage build. I really like the lines of the frame and think I can do some very different things with it. I have a set of the 3g 57mm wheels to go on it. I haven't decided between the triple trees and a more custom fork. I plan to build up a set of custom fenders for...
  7. panelman


    Is there anywhere I can get a Longer Axle for the 2 speed hub?
  8. panelman

    4th of July Giveaway Contest! Guess how much scrap metal...

    Nice round 1000 pounds !
  9. panelman

    Ella - 41 Elgin

    Yea, just a little... Will you be at the Dunedin swap? Haven't had time lately to get anything done on the build. Looks like it will be a big push the last 2 months of the BO.
  10. panelman

    Little Wing

    Somebody has been drinking their Red Bull. Looking good, Cant wait to see this unfold.
  11. panelman

    Ella - 41 Elgin

    CeeBee, Kroozer It was definitely overkill for straightening. Yes it was quite a tap-dance trying not to destroy the frame in the process. BikeBum, TRM, and jats Thanks for the kind words.
  12. panelman

    Agent Orange

    Looking Great!!! Have to love Big Fenders.
  13. panelman

    Ella - 41 Elgin

    Let my Wife check it out mocked up and give it a Name. She picked.. Ella.
  14. panelman

    Rough Ride for Stock Isn't (BO8).

    Thanks Guys! Here it is after another hour ready for primer. Reworking this is going much faster than when I built it originally. Glad I didn't have to start over with new parts.
  15. panelman

    Ella - 41 Elgin

    Quick mock up before it gets media blasted and cut up.
  16. panelman

    Rough Ride for Stock Isn't (BO8).

    Here it is mocked back up for fit.
  17. panelman

    Rough Ride for Stock Isn't (BO8).

    Went riding a couple weeks ago and have just had time to start assessing and repair the damage done. I was wearing pants and caught the leg on the edge of the guard pulling it out into the cranks path. Which promptly bent the length of it out at a 90 degree angle. I had used 3M panel bond to...
  18. panelman

    Ella - 41 Elgin

    Thanks guys! Unfortunately not much progress the last couple days. Have been fixing the chain/skirt guard on Stock Isn't. Wish I had taken pictures of it braced behind 2 towers and the chain run accross to...
  19. panelman

    Psycho Monkey Ward

    I wish my parts stash was that full! You have a great frame to start with.