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  1. Tempe-Terror

    1960's Monark complete bike - Tempe, AZ

    final bump
  2. Tempe-Terror

    1960's Monark complete bike - Tempe, AZ

    This is a very late model Silver King, after Huffy started making Monarks. It's a real decent riding bike. Has an aftermarket springer but everything else is vintage. Messenger saddle, red band Bendix hub, drop center wheels, and a cool rear rack. The chain guard is the correct style but from a...
  3. Tempe-Terror

    ARIZONA BICYCLE's true believe it or not

    ARIZONA BICYCLE FEST & Swap Figured I would give this a bump for this Saturday. Come buy stuff! I'm not going to bring out as much stuff as I did at the last swap in Tucson but I will still have a good load of parts and other miscellaneous things.
  4. Tempe-Terror

    Bagged & Shaved '62 Comet Wagon

    Cool car, I have a 63 with two less doors.
  5. Tempe-Terror


    What parts are you looking for? I have stuff and I know people who have stuff. As for tires, Tempe Bicycle has the biggest selection of cruiser tires in town. Their customer service is awful but they have big sales once or twice a year tires are usually half off, I loaded up on tires one year...
  6. Tempe-Terror


    I would disagree with you about the Phoenix area being bad for the hobby. There was just a huge swap in Tucson two weekends ago, I hauled tons of vintage parts down at dirt cheap prices and still hauled a bunch back. The CAzB swaps in Phoenix arn't too bad, you just have to show up early in...
  7. Tempe-Terror

    Tucson, AZ - Semi-Annual GABA Bike Swap 11/12/11

    This is a great swap for all kinds of bike parts. I'm going to be hauling a ton of stuff down for it: frames, forks, cranks, chainrings, stems, seat posts, wheelsets, brake and shifter parts, schwinn stuff.......all vintage. Come on out and say hi.
  8. Tempe-Terror

    Tribute to our friends

    Top notch work, makes me want to go out to the garage.
  9. Tempe-Terror

    Automotive Clear over Rattle Bomb

    I've done it a bunch of times and never had any problems.
  10. Tempe-Terror

    Phoenix, AZ Annual Bicycle Swap 03-12-11

    Hey Rick, I'm hauling my own stuff this year. Who is OP? Hope to see you out there, if not have fun with the Phreaks!
  11. Tempe-Terror

    Phoenix, AZ Annual Bicycle Swap 03-12-11

    Cool, stop by and say hi, I will be the one in the dilapidated station-wagon stuffed to the roof with bike stuff. I may even have a hand full of old head lights.
  12. Tempe-Terror

    Phoenix, AZ Annual Bicycle Swap 03-12-11

    I'm going to be hauling a load of stuff out to sell. Anyone else goin?
  13. Tempe-Terror

    "PEDALS&PICTURES"tm-"RAD" on BIG screen-Tour de Fat PREPARTY

    This is the first Tour de Fat since they have been doing them in Tempe that I will have to miss. I will be thinking about it while I'm freezing in Michigan. -B
  14. Tempe-Terror

    61 columbia thunderbolt custom

  15. Tempe-Terror

    Tour de Fat, Tempe AZ 10/10, who's going?

    It would be cool to meet up somewhere but I'm going to be in a group of at least 8 leaving from my house and meeting up with about 8 more along the way, so it's going to be like herding cats as it is. 2WheelFlyer, I will keep an eye out for your bike and find you. I'm still not sure what I...
  16. Tempe-Terror

    Tour de Fat, Tempe AZ 10/10, who's going?

    I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you and riding with some old pals.
  17. Tempe-Terror

    San Diego Tour De Fat (pics)

    Cool pics, see you this weekend at the Tempe TDF!
  18. Tempe-Terror

    TDF Cruiser

    Cool bike dude, see you at TDF.
  19. Tempe-Terror

    HiggiCanti.....on the road again.

    I'm glad that donor bike worked for your project, it's looking good. I should just send you pics of stuff I'm selling before I post them on craigslist. Stick what is left of it back on craigslist, I'm sure the fixe nerds will buy it.