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  1. Crassly

    looking for some Schwinn parts

    In my opinion, you would be better off finding a set of standard 26 x 1 3/8 wheels from a Raleigh or something similar. Then you would have access to many styles of tires instead of having to source the Schwinn size for the S5/S6 rims.
  2. Crassly

    FOUND Columbia kickstand needed.

    I have some but there were two types. The early ones had 4 tabs that locked into the welded on housing and the other kind had two tabs. Can you tell me which you need? I also need to know what length as I have multiple sizes.
  3. Crassly

    Collector looking to buy or trade for muscle bike shifters. Whatchya got??

    I have a nos Schwinn Stingray Hurricane shifter.
  4. Crassly

    Vintage kids tricycle parts

    Okay, thanks for checking. Seems like !2 is a hard size to find.
  5. Crassly

    Vintage kids tricycle parts

    I need a 12 x 1.25 or 12 x 1 tire, any chance you have one of those?
  6. Crassly

    Bike shop said they can't remove my rear!!

    Do exactly what deorman said. Take the sprocket off with the driver. Don't mess with the ring at all.
  7. Crassly

    Bike shop said they can't remove my rear!!

    Yes. It isn't that the bike shop "can't", it is because they don't know how.
  8. Crassly

    What the heck are these?

    It is coincidental that you posted this question, because I was clueless about these mopeds until last week when someone brought me one to see if I could fix their flat tire. I fixed the tire and they asked if I could figure out how to make it pedal easier. I discovered the release lever had...
  9. Crassly

    What the heck are these?

    They are from a Honda moped. The belt drive is for the engine and when you disengage it with the lever, you can pedal the moped like a bicycle which is the chain side.
  10. Crassly

    Walmart cruiser converted to CB from 5 Speed.. Chain adjustment???

    Any chance that changing the rear cog to one or two more or less teeth would make the necessary difference?
  11. Crassly

    Walmart cruiser converted to CB from 5 Speed.. Chain adjustment???

    Some tandems also have an idler to take up slack.
  12. Crassly

    Hi from Maine

    Welcome aboard. My wife is from Maine, lots of family there.
  13. Crassly

    Show Us Your First Car

    Mine is my avatar. It was a 1949 Chevy. I gave the guy $25 cash and had to shovel his sidewalk all winter. It had been broadsided on the passenger side so I had to replace the front door and fender which cost me $5 each at the salvage yard. I then rattle canned it with 12 cans of blue paint.
  14. Crassly

    Drill extra holes in a hub

    Thanks for the explanation, sounds like an interesting project. What do you have for brakes on this mini high wheel?
  15. Crassly

    Drill extra holes in a hub

    Okay, dumb question, but I gotta ask. Why not just find a 40 hole hub and avoid all the hassle?
  16. Crassly

    Hand Cleaner

    After years of using all of the above mentioned methods and some that weren't, I have finally gotten smart and now use lightweight latex gloves. I use the disposable ones for painting and the tougher ones for other jobs.
  17. Crassly

    So this is a first!

    Good plan to try and pencil it out before committing to buy. Be careful you don't put much value on things that are a tough sell or are unlikely to be used in repairs, etc. That being said, I am betting you will find that getting the "bundle" will prove to be worth it. And having the approval...
  18. Crassly

    aristocrat in a barn

    It looks like it has a Schwinn "crutch tip" carrier.
  19. Crassly

    Check out this old tire.

    Yes, I would sell it. I will send you a personal message with details regarding price.
  20. Crassly

    Kick Stand Solution for Old Dyno Bike

    I saw a bike with a similar problem. The owner had drilled a hole partway into a golf ball and glued it onto the end of the kickstand.