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  1. Walter Zoomie

    A Newly Aquired Pile of Parts BSOs?

    Nothing special, which is PERFECT for me! A couple of serviceable 26" cruisers and a spare 26" coaster brake wheel for $80. Will probably part out the cruisers for the GT build and the vintage ladies Schwinn I'm putting together for the old lady.
  2. Walter Zoomie

    Garbage special

    fix it
  3. Walter Zoomie

    Garbage special

    I loves me some garbage bikes. That there is a peach! congrats!
  4. Walter Zoomie

    3 piece crank disassembly

    The correct bike tools are a must, IMHO. Otherwise, you risk mangling parts...and knuckles! These are what I use and have found to be especially serviceable: Park Tool HCW-11 Slotted Bottom Bracket Adjusting Cup Wrench Tool 16 mm Park Tool (109917) HCW-5 Lock Spanner PARK TOOL (109916) HCW-4...
  5. Walter Zoomie

    I was REEEEEEALY trying to not buy another bike , but this one was to good to ignore!! Malvern Star "New Look"

    I've never heard of it, and I don't believe I've ever seen anything like that. It is WAY cool.
  6. Walter Zoomie

    Trying To Make Something Cool Out of Three Big Box Garbage Rods: The Hot Mess Express

    BMX stem and bars installed! Huge improvement! Rides great. New grips coming. Not much left to do. Clean and repack wheel bearings, some paint treatments, switch out chainring to a single cog 44 tooth, and new cranks.
  7. Walter Zoomie

    24 Inches Of Junk

    New city cruiser riser bars installed. Shoulda probably gone BMX bars, but I can live with it for now. Rides much better. Not much left to do. New grips coming. Some paint treatments, and repack wheel bearings...and she should be go to go.
  8. Walter Zoomie

    24 Inches Of Junk

    Layback seatpost arrived today. Installed it with a Huffy cruiser seat. Very comfortable and fits me much better, but it looks redonkulous with the fixie bars. Will remedy the situation shortly with some appropriate riser bars of some sort...
  9. Walter Zoomie

    Trying To Make Something Cool Out of Three Big Box Garbage Rods: The Hot Mess Express

    I put the pink forks on it. I like it cuz it's got a beer bottle opener. I also installed the Huffy Panama Jack cruiser seat cuz I'm old and my comfort is of paramount importance!
  10. Walter Zoomie

    Trying To Make Something Cool Out of Three Big Box Garbage Rods: The Hot Mess Express

    I think I'm gonna go with a BMX stem/handlebar type setup I have on order. I also have a set of 28" wide, and 5" rise city cruiser bars on order. I'll have to see what I like better for this rig.
  11. Walter Zoomie

    Suburban Assault Bicycle Starts To Take Shape!

    Some mind-blowing upgrades for Pepe! BMX bars from my son's trashed bike! And a tool pouch! Stupendous! Mood lighting for those special moments! Amazing! Real-world, hand-crafted, one-off drink holder mod! Super spectacular and fabulous!
  12. Walter Zoomie

    Trying To Make Something Cool Out of Three Big Box Garbage Rods: The Hot Mess Express

    The 26" Magna Great Divide MTB BSO has an interesting frame design. Very heavy and tank-like, with beefy tires. The cheap suspension fork has to go, as do the sleazy decals, reflectors, hand brakes, and gears. The 26" girls Huffy Panama Jack cruiser is pink. I'm not a fan of pink because I...
  13. Walter Zoomie

    Duck Norris!

    That's a cool rig. I need to find me a local group of cool klunker/cruiser folks who enjoy beering it up a little and cruising around. I think it would be fun and I could show off my various big box Chinesium garbage rod builds. I have a pile of Walmart MTB scrap rigs I have plans for...
  14. Walter Zoomie

    #2 Son's Thrashed BMX

    #2 son was way into bmx in his younger days. He's a married and responsible adult now, so he gave this thing to me. Last time he rode it, a reunion of sorts with his buddies from his bmx days, he crashed and broke his elbow! lol What I know of this rig I had to Google. Cult frame, fork, and...
  15. Walter Zoomie

    Wanting to paint my bike looking for advice If you want to to paint it and have it look half way decent, you really need to take it apart, degrease it, and at least give it a good scuffing before you paint it. I always prime it, especially bare metal, but you can get away with scuffing factory paint if it's in good...
  16. Walter Zoomie

    Should I build a bike or buy?

    Build. One piece cranks, coaster brakes, and threaded stems. Simple, rugged, reliable, somewhat plentiful, cheap, and fun.
  17. Walter Zoomie

    Cruiser saddle hardware sourcing