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  1. LittleBlueTrike

    Sutherland's Handbook Of Coaster Breaks Ebook.. I found it..

    Good I'm glad someone could fix that up <3 Cya later Bike builders :D
  2. LittleBlueTrike

    Sutherland's Handbook Of Coaster Breaks Ebook.. I found it..

    Ok, I tried to send it through my gmail and email and it says it exceeds the 25 MB limit.. So if you have any ideas how I can make it available for you all, just give me heads up.. you can get ahold of me faster through [email protected]
  3. LittleBlueTrike

    Sutherland's Handbook Of Coaster Breaks Ebook.. I found it..

    I FOUND IT! I know there were a few of you who needed it.. Its the best out of print book about coaster breaks out there shows every single part in a hub and assembly on and on. .YOu know what it is.. I spent way to much copying the pages for ... Drama.. We don't need it here. Yaay, I'm...
  4. LittleBlueTrike

    Worm Drink

    I'm not the one to complain I'm just as bad with knitting.
  5. LittleBlueTrike

    Worm Drink

    He takes his time, you know that guys. Patience is virtue. By the time he's done with his kids bike she'll be in highschool.
  6. LittleBlueTrike

    Vintage Trouble

    The funny thing is we have been calling him drunk Santa. Since this picture he's been laying on his back for almost a year. Go sugar bumpers!
  7. LittleBlueTrike

    4th Annual Midwest Bicycle Swapmeet 4/21/13

    Lowpowerd has been giving me updates, sounds like its Christmas shopping time at the bike swap this year. Ill let him share his finds, but it sounds like this is a more than successful event. You know those Nissan Altimas are bigger on the inside? You better go buy some stuff or we won't be able...
  8. LittleBlueTrike

    One for each of us

    But the red chevron on the front fender is crooked? And it had taped on gold pin stripping. As well if you look at the front fender it looks like there's an old chevron underneath the paint. I'm a knitter so chevron might be something else for your terminology.
  9. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    Do any of you remember this bike? Well he finished The Kraken today. This link here show's his video.. Hubby has a honey do list after a few more builds, Quiggly and I Totaled my trike 3 days ago.. Relief! We...
  10. LittleBlueTrike

    How long can you get away with having a bike in the house?

    He gets the entire basement.yes that disqualifies him.Stepping over bikes to do laundry gets old, but i love my lowpowerd! gasp he cleaned! I guess I'll keep him! My living room is for grooming, knitting, spinning, TV watching, no biking... I do like the idea of how long can I keep my husband...
  11. LittleBlueTrike

    Bike seats for pregnant riders?

    I've loved my new Schwin seats on my beautiful blue trike, but as I'm in second trimester my body is changing and my tail bone is aching, so what next? What do your wives do? Wider seat? I want to keep riding til the due date with Quiggly (my dog) by my side! Thanks!
  12. LittleBlueTrike

    Bikes At Wichta 2013 Starbird-Devlin Rod & Custom Show

    What a way to share that news Dan! Jeeze , I kept asking Dave where on earth did he post this information of the engagement of Mae! This is like superior news in our biking group to know of this information. This should of been its own personal post entry! Well since Dan is doing this sneaky...
  13. LittleBlueTrike

    8th Annual Midwest Bicycle Fest (Video Added)

    Re: 8th Annual Midwest Bicycle Fest (RRB Member Prize Details) The Second and Third place ribbons are gorgeous and ready to be hung on the winning bikes.
  14. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    He plans to finish it. He just needs to take a break before he throws it in the dumpster out of frustration. It might be a couple more weeks before he gets back to it. He's got some other projects he wants to worth further on to give the bike building a break. Meanwhile...... The KRACKEN DOG!!
  15. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    6 of them are mine the rest are to pick parts off of. <<>> He does all the building.. I'm just the trophy wife. With a sexy dog!
  16. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    That hubby of mine sure puts me on the spot, doesn't he? I never say no to a new bicycle to the hoarding piles. I honestly don't complain about hoarding, I just like to have a walking path.. I hoard yarn... Softer fall...
  17. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    I told him beer only fridge, no left overs.. They'll start growing feet.
  18. LittleBlueTrike

    El Torreon Swap Meet - Kansas City Mo

    I can't keep the buy hobbyists from finding what they need to find at the bike swap, I was happy to sell stuff for you :D You're welcome Mitch.
  19. LittleBlueTrike

    The Kraken

    << >> There's odd noises going on in his work area, I'm afraid to go down there to see if everything is alright. I also hear odd water bubbly noises. Something seriously is alive..
  20. LittleBlueTrike

    El Torreon Swap Meet - Kansas City Mo

    Thanks for all the fun :D I had a awesome time yesterday. Everyone is so nice. IF we make it out next year, I'll have Quiggly come with us as well :D A couple of those things in LowpowerD's pictures were for my bikes. I'd show pictures of what I found, but I don't think anyone cares about non...