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  1. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    Hello to Luxembourg, Looks like you have an original 2001 Ultra Glide Deluxe. Dyno called their bikes Kustom Kruiser's, but were always badged as a Dyno. GT called theirs Kustom Kruisers and were badged KK. Looks like a nice original bike, these are very hard to find with the D badges still on...
  2. Big Daddy Dyno


    Heading out Bright and Early Saturday Morning. I hope parking and the line to get in isn't as bad as last year !! Got in line at 6:20 AM, got through the ticket booth at 7:35. Maybe I should just get a swap spot to get in early.
  3. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    Time to make some room in the collection. Put 4 of my Dyno's up on CL in the Sf bay area. Would like to keep it local, so if you live in Nor Cal, take a look. Selling a Dyno Matic, Mooneyes, Deuce and Ultra Glide. See my gallery for photos of these bikes.
  4. Big Daddy Dyno

    dyno mooneyes info

    Glad to see another Dyno being saved. I have a complete Mooneyes and also a frame and chainguard. I will try to get you some dimensions tomorrow afternoon. Do you need the paint breaks on the bike as well as the chainguard? Here is the photo of my Mooneyes. Just posted a bunch of photos in the...
  5. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    These came out in 2000 -2002. Originally came with rims the same color as the stripes on the chainguard. Should say Dyno Deluxe on the top tube, also had fenders in same color as the bike. One way to tell early and late bikes is the headbadges and if the kickstand is bolted on or part of the...
  6. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Badge

    There is a vendor called jones and sons that i emailed from their facebook page. They have the repro Dyno headbadges for $35 . Google them with bike head badges in the search, you should find them. They can make any badge you can think of.Here is the email [email protected]
  7. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    Just got all my bikes outta the rafters and posted them in the gallery forum. So much easier to see then the above photos. It is under Dyno Stable.
  8. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Stable of BDD

    Well, Finally had a chance to get all the put together bikes in one place. So here are the 9 Dyno/KK bikes that I currently own. I noticed that this might be too many to store, so maybe a sale will be coming up. 1. Dyno Glide: Repainted, for neighborhood cruising. 2. Dyno Glide: Original...
  9. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    Just picked up a couple more for the collection. The Blue Ultra glide is an 01 to go with my red one. Just need to dig into the spare parts bin for some bars and piston neck. The moto glide is a Kustom Kruiser with Dyno tires and some other Dyno parts.The Moto came this way and is in awesome...
  10. Big Daddy Dyno

    Michigan Hi.

    Welcome to the boards. Glad you are able to enjoy riding again. Like Luke said, post up some pics, always like to see what's happening around the country.
  11. Big Daddy Dyno

    Dyno Bike pics

    Here is my stash of Dyno's, hanging from the garage ceiling. Kinda a Where's Waldo photo. Next time I get them down I will take some better photos.
  12. Big Daddy Dyno

    97 Dyno build

    There is something about bent springers on Dyno frames that just doesn't work. I have a set on a dyno-glide that feels like it wants to fold up all the time. Straight sprimgers don't seem to be a problem, so I put them on this abandoned frame for neighborhood cruising.
  13. Big Daddy Dyno

    Hello from the PNW

    Welcome ! Glad you found your inner child again. I started with the Dyno's about 4 years ago and I'm 51. Never too old to have fun.
  14. Big Daddy Dyno


    Here is a old newspaper photo I found of the 1973 Livermore Rodeo parade. Anyone could participate in the parade, I think the local Schwinn dealer paid the fee. Look at all the Motomags, I think they had just come out. The hats were the dutch boy style painter hats from schwinn.
  15. Big Daddy Dyno


    Coming up from Central Cali. Should be fun
  16. Big Daddy Dyno

    Thought I would stop by and say hi.

    Welcome ! Must be from the Southern states with a Shiner in the picture.
  17. Big Daddy Dyno


    Thanks for all the photos and Welcome aboard !!
  18. Big Daddy Dyno

    New Guy from Az

    Welcome! Love the original Dyno! She is one sweet ride. Building up a 97 Dyno-Matic with the 4 speed internal, electric blue.
  19. Big Daddy Dyno

    Hello from Nor-Cal

    Brentwood Welcomes you too!
  20. Big Daddy Dyno

    Hi from nor cal!

    Welcome from Brentwood, drive past you everyday on the way to work.