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  1. poverty with a view

    New Build "Land Shark"

    Looks killer! Sell it now and buy some dies to put a radius in the rear stays. You have the skills to build a new smaller tube roller to put a radius in the stays. Just saying. 8)
  2. poverty with a view

    The Big 'Un, 36er, Powder Coated and Looking Good!

    Looks good Deven. I will see you at Cyclefest on Saturday. Sacramento, Mecca of custom Bicycles. If you didn't know now you know
  3. poverty with a view

    Almost Evil.....No Longer Evil

    Re: Almost Evil I won that compition too. I won't ever do that again. I won a cheap.. 99¢ set of grips. Forget that! My Bicycles and my time are worth more than that. Keep building brother you are very talented. Blue from the Chopadero Nomads, Nor Cal.
  4. poverty with a view

    No name yet project

    Thanks for all the comments. When I have time to sit down, I will post some pictures of the build. I ended up with a Nexus 3 speed laced to the 100mil rim with a 1.75 Tire. The front is a 29"X1". The cranks are Free Agent 175cm with sealed bearings. I made the bars too. It's fun and fast to...
  5. poverty with a view

    No name yet project

    Are you ready to see the finished product?
  6. poverty with a view

    1950 something jc higgins custom "THE HIGGINS"

    How far you have come Karfer
  7. poverty with a view

    Space Freighter Trike

    This thread puts a smile :lol: on my face. Such a great build.
  8. poverty with a view

    Science #3

    Looks killer!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. poverty with a view

    No name yet project

    The rear stay MESSAGE!!!!! I hope you like it as much as I do Blue 8)
  10. poverty with a view

    No name yet project

    I'm bringing this one back. I just sold it, so I will have to finish it. I will finish the rear triangle and cut out the head tube. The new owner doesn't want that much rake. I am working on it today. I will have photos tonight of the work I did today. Blue 8)
  11. poverty with a view

    fixie dust

    I'm headed down to San Francisco on the 22nd to do the Tour De fat
  12. poverty with a view


    Maaan!!! I was just getting excited for this one. this some of Uncle Stretches trickery to keep me glued to this thread :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It's working
  13. poverty with a view

    fixie dust

    When ever I build a pedal forward Bicycle I put gears on it. I use Nexus 3 speed hubs. They go for about 75$ on ebay then another 30$ for spokes. It makes the ride alot easier when the BB is out in front. I couldn't ride most of my Bicycles if I didn't. LOL!! That Spaceliner is SICK!!
  14. poverty with a view

    fixie dust

    I personally like all the criticism . How am I to grow if I don't get feed back, I can't think of everything. I wish I knew about this place when I started. Then I could have been criticize and learned faster. I am super excited about this build. I can see where this is going and I like it a...
  15. poverty with a view

    fixie dust

    I have to agree with Uncle Stretch. Plus If you move the bottom bracket away from the front wheel I think you will have to move back your seat tube and lengthen the top tube to make the whole thing work. That's unless you are a very small person. :lol: I do like where this is going. :lol: My...
  16. poverty with a view

    What tubing.

    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: DON"T USE METAL CONDUIT :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: Do you want to build a bicycle or a hunk of junk? Why would I or yourself want to build a bicycle, "that can't handle the stresses of the road"? As herku1004 says. I'm sorry but I build bicycles to ride. I want my...
  17. poverty with a view

    I dunno, she just flipped out! Fork? Yup!

    I think it came out great. :lol:
  18. poverty with a view

    Big Mouth

    I'm not going to do the monsters now. I got a quote for it and the guy just had another kid so he is afraid to spend anymore money on the bicycle. :cry: I told him that in the future if he has a few extra bucks when can do it then.