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  1. Jeff54

    SOLD 1979 Spitfire Frame Set

    Give you odds that, the rear is only black b/c he's slid on the org whitewall so many times it was trashed. ;)
  2. Jeff54

    Late 80's schwinn kick stand?

    I'd give odds that even china made Schwinn's are universal from 60's up. It's such a simple, heavy duty and compact design there's hardly a way to make it better. I have 1995 and 2002 china cheapie cruiser Schwinn's and it looks identical to my older bikes.
  3. Jeff54

    2 - Ladies - $50 each

    Would not be 1927, Ballooners didn't happen till 33-4. Accordingly euro's were doing it and Schwinn copied it. It's prob prewar though, for reverse drop-outs, yet, some companies were making reverse drop-outs like this has, in the 40's too. Regardless for 50 bucks it's a bargain.
  4. Jeff54

    1951 Schwinn... Springer Fork Question

    So, here's a stroke of luck for ya. I just ran across this at the bay. Not found online, a 1951 Schwinn catalog from a hardware store, no less. The whole 6 page catalog calls em all 'Ace'. So, that's prob the hardware store's or moreover, what Schwinn said their wholesale line was called that...
  5. Jeff54

    1951 Schwinn... Springer Fork Question

    That being the case, toss a springer and go then, I think you're tossing good money away. Just in parts, b/c Schwinn flat bar tanks are so spencive, prob $400-500 + (in parts) but if you stick an original fork, maybe $500-700? yet with cheap fork, more like 'rider's choice', the down side comes...
  6. Jeff54

    1951 Schwinn... Springer Fork Question

    Humm, yeah, that's a good question,. er, point. A girl springer with longer neck than an boy's would have to have a longer fork set and truss bars too.
  7. Jeff54

    1951 Schwinn... Springer Fork Question

    That's really unusual. fork gone but tank is there, while the norm is missing tank. . An $200-300 tank at that. All of the Schwinn balloon 26" repop spring forks will fit that, even the ones that Pacific cycle are making for Schwinn's new classics in china today. Most of the alternative...
  8. Jeff54

    Show me your ape hangers

    Old school, As found, except padded seat and rear rack,, more than 20 years ago, 61 Hornet with apes. And when I was just a squirt, to little to be bad but, before the invent of 20" sting ray types, this is what the true 'Bad boy's' were sportin in L.A. way back then. Black Schwinn's wit apes...
  9. P9180002


    61 Hornet
  10. Jeff54's Allbum

    Jeff54's Allbum

    Photos of old bikes
  11. Jeff54

    Any ideas?

    The Cw after serial number has been evidenced to be post war. " Serial number is: G47843 with a circled w at the end." The majority post war era drop out down tubes (chain stay, rear) are not straight like yours which puts it very close to 45-ish range. The citing's add that the letter...
  12. Jeff54

    Schwinn straight bar frame. SOLD

    Mid 50's straight bar and If your color is balanced where I'm seeing an original color of sea green under the head badge, without a wielded kick stand would been a Hornet. and Deluxe if ya had org springer and chain guard.
  13. Jeff54

    'Total' Nancy Pants, the album.

    Their newest release. Personally I like the 2nd part, another song that's jammed into the video but short, like it's unfinished er somtin. But, after watching the 1st part the 2nd becomes funny.
  14. Jeff54

    'Total' Nancy Pants, the album.

    And yet, last week she received an e-mail from an attorney in NY who's very well known in the entertainment industry, Represents several groups who have world renown notoriety. partnered with a large group of the same in Beverly Hills and New York. He got a reference to listen to the online...
  15. Jeff54

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    In that case, I'm adding Snyder to my list of well built frames that me likes. Albeit, the only thing i recall about rollfast in the 60's was nickname of 'rollworst'. Obviously this frame and any like it was good stuff :)
  16. Jeff54

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    well maybe because it's naked. [grin].. but it really looks like a 46 Schwinn DX but the lower (2nd top cross bar) bar's bend is not a smooth curve. Unless somebody wacked it and made it get that angle. [grin] I'm not up on the huffman's but, think they were' kind-a of the last survivors when...
  17. Jeff54

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    yeah but you're excluding the lower bar and cross bars bend.. maybe it's a post war Huffman.. here's a pre-war and shape looks similar: Checkout this roadmaster used in whizzers too: the roadmaster is different but the forward bars are closer to your frame.
  18. Jeff54

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    Think you may be looking at an post war CWC frame. But only going by the way the bars are shaped.. And that drop-out is weird for a bike that appears to have been 75% or more brazed together. All of those smooth rounded joints are more typical of a brazed jointed prewar bike, but it would also...
  19. Jeff54

    Never seen before

    A 1st on me too and think it's not a 'skip tooth' although skipped it does not look as if it's correctly spaced for a traditional 'skip tooth' but skipped because, it looks like it's spaced to size of standard chain, and it's a missing teeth because it's an 'cheaped tooth' chain ring...
  20. Jeff54

    1955 Schwinn Deluxe Hornet, 2 tone green

    Here ya go, This tank is an almost right color, I''d bet somebody with a 55 deluxe hornet might want. Because under the black and inside of tank it sure looks like opal green!.. That means though, it's not a deluxe and more likely a hornet or another verity made during the period, approximately...