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  1. C.S.

    Quick spoke question

    Well, my source is my local friendly bikeshop, in Amsterdam......... I was told 12G to 13G existed, but I never saw them. I use 14G outside to 13G thread. OK, no second option then.
  2. C.S.

    Quick spoke question

    You could enlarge the holes in the hub, the size difference of 13G and 12G is only about 0.4Mm (1/64"). Use a drill bit for stainless steel, they are stronger. Done that a few times, it works. If you worry about rust because of coating/plating being destroyed, put some grease in the holes, or...
  3. C.S.

    Let's see your Pashley Guv'nor style bikes!

  4. C.S.

    Let's see your Pashley Guv'nor style bikes!

    And Gazelle. That's Dutch, normal bicycle steel, nothing special, good enough.
  5. C.S.

    Let's see your Pashley Guv'nor style bikes!

    Nah, the dimensions of the frame are off.
  6. C.S.

    How It's Made Bicycles

    where it says 'welding' read 'soldering'
  7. C.S.

    Old School Sidecar (Now Trailer) build for Western Flyer

    Re: Old School Bicycle Sidecar Build for 1950 Western Flyer -- I think it should make for a more comfortable ride because I'll be able to lean the bike.-- No, it will be a lot of work dragging the sidecar wheel from one side to the other when leaning. Riding a sidecar is difficult enough...
  8. C.S.

    Old School Sidecar (Now Trailer) build for Western Flyer

    Re: Old School Bicycle Sidecar Build for 1950 Western Flyer Nice boat, looks like a small submarine. Most rules for motorcycle sidecars don't apply, like pulling to the sidecar when accelerating with 1/2 hp.... Putting the wheel forward makes it hard to turn without engine assistance. You...
  9. C.S.


    Sorry, can't be converted.
  10. C.S.

    Help me name my new (to me) Cycle Truck

    Nice bike, some detailed photos would be very much appreciated (by me, at least). I have no idea what to write on my own bike, I am not able to suggest anything. And Kingfish: thanks for the pictures, stole them all.
  11. C.S.

    Bent frame?

    With any bent pipe: put the ends on two blocks of wood, with the bulge upwards. Follow this list and see where it gives: Put a foot on it and apply pressure. Stand on it. Start hopping. Stamp it. If it is still in the same shape it's a really strong frame and worth the trouble: use a torch or a...
  12. C.S.

    triple clamp fork leg material????

    I would use something between .065" and .08".
  13. C.S.

    Three wheel tricycle tire change

    If you think you can change the tire while the wheel is still on the trike, try it, if it doesn't work you are just back to stage one.
  14. C.S.

    Anyone have chainless bikes?

    Had it, changed everything to my taste, sold it because it was in fact an ordinary bicycle. With the next owner the gears in the bottom bracket flattened, wrong, if any, heat treatment. Good design, lousy fabrication/bad choice of parts.
  15. C.S.

    Dutch freight-bike tour Amsterdam

    More pics, for The Pug. ... hotostream
  16. C.S.

    Dutch freight-bike tour Amsterdam

    Could be a bit hard to understand the writing, but maybe you enjoy the pictures. ... /#comments
  17. C.S.

    Old German Bikes

    Gazelle is a Dutch brand, the shape/style is German. Probably made by Gazelle for export to Germany. Monetary value in Amsterdam would be about 20 cents/kilo.... We drown in used bikes over here.
  18. C.S.

    Need Help Removing Wheels from TRIKE AXLE

    FYI: ... cal_device)
  19. C.S.

    Tire size 700 X 38 Does this really fit a 29er Wheel?

    In short: Yes, they will fit. 29ers were designed to fit ordinary 622Mm (24 1/2") rims. Herr Rudolf: 28x1 1/2" (635Mm=25") is indeed used on 'granny bikes', and (in my case) on 'grandpa bikes'.
  20. C.S.

    I can't live without this tool! (your input needed)

    Hammer Spoke wrench