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  1. roadwarrior


    Yes! A big spring. It takes two to load it. One to hold the bike while I pack and push the spring in.
  2. roadwarrior


    This build is finished! Rip cord easier to make and more practical. I was thinking making a lever and putting it on the seat post. Too much fab work to do. Easier and more practical in that I don't have to take my hand off the handlebars to pull the cord. I added a left hand mono brake lever. I...
  3. roadwarrior

    RRBBO13 Q U O I S E

    Cold frame bending. Done it to spread rear for 5 speed rims before.
  4. roadwarrior


    It's been 3 years now? I finally got the parachute! I made the bracket yesterday and packed the chute today. Not an easy task to pack one on a bike. Two people required. Next step is make the release lever and cable.
  5. roadwarrior

    Hi from a Brit in New Jersey

    Jersey Devils B.C. will be attending this event, too!
  6. roadwarrior

    King Krate

    FREAKING "SUPER KRATE"! :thumbsup:
  7. roadwarrior


    Looks fantastic! Love the EK bikes.
  8. roadwarrior

    Hi from a Brit in New Jersey

    YO! Rat Rod Bikers are close to you. Jersey Devils B.C. in the central part of NJ. I visit MDL quiet often as I am retired military. If your interested in checking us out you can private message me. I'm just across the river just 30 miles north of Philadelphia in Fairless Hills, PA. Welcome to RRB!
  9. roadwarrior

    Western Flyer Buzz Bike - Class 1

    Sweet. Looks nice!
  10. roadwarrior

    Turning Japaneese MBB0-VI, Class II

    My entry for the build off. Unknown year, 20" Royce Union. I know nothing of this company but the frame was a deal and I think I can make a cool muscle bike out of this. I'm thinking 5 speed with 20-16's, custom forks and a cool banana seat. I love the neat looking brass head badge. My one...
  11. roadwarrior

    1967 Schwinn Fastback (Class 1): Completed

    I imagine when finished that it will look as cool as your previous builds. You do amazing paint and fine details.:cool2:
  12. roadwarrior


    I'm 52. I started riding bikes when I was 5 in 1969. My brother raced cars and go-carts. The cool bikes were booming then. So, I was into Hotwheels and building car models and I had a Western Flyer Buzz Bike. Lot's of friends and everyone had a different kinda bike. We did the drag racing and...
  13. roadwarrior

    RRB0 XII Cherry Bomb!

    It seems I can't change the order of the pictures with this new photo uploading. I had a great time with this build. Enjoy the pics! GOTTA' RUN!!!!!
  14. roadwarrior

    CHERRY BOMB! Lighting her off! *DONE*

    I believe I'm done with this build. It was fun and shes a very sooth riding cruiser. Thanks to Sky King Fireworks, Morrisville, PA for the use of their facility for these pictures.:rockout:
  15. roadwarrior

    CHERRY BOMB! Lighting her off! *DONE*

    I took about 3 weeks off of building for our 1st anniversary vacation to the OBX of North Carolina. I worked on my Cherry Bomb valve caps and the chain guard.
  16. roadwarrior

    CHERRY BOMB! Lighting her off! *DONE*

    Tank and light done! Primed, painted and installed!
  17. roadwarrior


    Cool RAT build, Jake. Crazy looking bars you got. Love the RAT decal!
  18. roadwarrior

    Desert Beer Rat (Finished)

    Nice looking build MC! Love the frame and chain ring.
  19. roadwarrior

    CHERRY BOMB! Lighting her off! *DONE*

    Since I have no clear cover for the lights I decided to convert it to LED. It will only require a flat piece I'll cut out of a vanity license plate cover sheet.