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  1. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    Thanks so much :D
  2. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    Thanks a lot :D The length from the seat to the BB is 3.5 to 4 feet, this first one was a prototype for my girlfriend who is a bit on the short side :P so I had to move the seat up a bit, scored me some brownie points though because she rides it EVERYWHERE!
  3. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    Glad you like it, I've since put brakes on the front, it has a coaster hub on the rear, changed a few other things as well. Will post pics as soon as able. :D
  4. bob4boardwalks

    GHOST from Pride Kustoms Workshop

    Another beautiful ride! That thing looks amazing. Great workmanship
  5. bob4boardwalks

    Schoolproject: building a cruiserbike

    A good link for some basic info ;) -
  6. bob4boardwalks

    Schoolproject: building a cruiserbike

    A good old school way to bend precise is to cut out the arch with some 2x12 and anchor it down, then use the arch of the wood to curve the steel. Did it for years that way until I invested in a H.F. roller. works pretty good, should work perfect given the fact you've filled the tube. Good luck...
  7. bob4boardwalks

    1948 Schwinn "Project Motorbike" new pics!

    Re: 1948 Schwinn "Project Motorbike" This bike is SIIIIICK! love the lines, that extra few inches makes her look just stellar. Monarch springer tops it off. Definitely my favorite looking bike seen on the forum for a while. :D
  8. bob4boardwalks

    Schoolproject: building a cruiserbike

    Awesome! Can't wait to see some progress man :D
  9. bob4boardwalks


    I love these frames! Just beautiful lines, cant wait to see her when shes done!
  10. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    Yeah shes a Cadillac! Thanks for the kind words man :D
  11. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    This frame measures 4' 5'' from axle to axle all made from cold rolled mild steel. If you have any ideas for a frame you would like to see just PM me with some ideas or a rough sketch and we can get you rolling!
  12. bob4boardwalks

    Cool old picture I found

    Awesome find! Love those old Indians!
  13. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    Thanks man! Your Black Pearl is absolutely rolling awesome!
  14. bob4boardwalks

    The Black Pearl (FINISHED PICS)!!!!!!!!!!

    Now THATS a sick bike!
  15. bob4boardwalks

    The Deuce

    Thank you much man! Loving your first build so far! same frame I hacked and slashed for my boardtrack racer! :D Keep up the rattin!
  16. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    For now its all line of sight, I plan to get a jig made up here soon, but for this one I just tacked and then made sure she was straight before continuing. It takes a little more time making sure you're in alignment but if you are careful you can pull it off.
  17. bob4boardwalks

    Gasser Finished!!!!!!

    This bad boy is too wicked! It beautiful. LOVE it. Big fan of the old gasser drags. Well done man. Well done.
  18. bob4boardwalks

    Bomber seat build

    1.That's awesome 2.That's Awesome. 3.THAT'S AWESOME!
  19. bob4boardwalks

    Elpis Custom Cruiser

    UnDerzon3- I thought so too. I love the Franks and they ride sooo nice! Just keep after that welding teacher, mine was awesome in school. We had a sick metals shop and he taught me a lot. So its glad to see that schools still offer metals, because honestly I'd be lost today without it :D. I love...
  20. bob4boardwalks

    The Deuce

    Thanks guys! @tcpete- love the Bruiser build, that's the nickname everyone gave my board track racer build where I live, so to see someone else on a "bruiser" makes my heart happy :D. @Mugen_Stumpo- Your Rusty Cruiser is SICK! The patina on that thing would make most original 30's cars jealous...