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  1. Swampthing


    Sad news. I live in Florida, but as an ex Michigander I’ve ordered from them before. Not in the last couple of years though. No issues, good prices, good packaging and quick shipping. I hope he gets back on his feet soon.
  2. Swampthing

    Members in Florida

    Palm Beach County
  3. Swampthing

    Dad bike 2.0

    Very cool! Enjoy the rides.
  4. Swampthing

    Arch-bar / Truss bridge style frame and fork

    You could do some beautiful builds.
  5. Swampthing

    What have you been riding lately?

    It’s an old KHS. I got it as a frame and built it up. This is it returned to 26” status. I was running 700c on it for a bit but had trouble fitting brakes well. Which is kind of funny, because now it’s a fixie without brakes. Cables are in the mail though so I should be able to stop quickly...
  6. Swampthing

    What have you been riding lately?

    This is the one I’ve been riding lately. It’s such a comfortable ride, and can get stupid when asked. I bought that bag on a whim, but it’s awesome. It holds a tube, tools, phone, and snacks. Sometimes a small spare fluid container 😉.
  7. Swampthing

    Custom fenders and gas tank

    Pretty work.
  8. Swampthing

    A Tribute Build

    It’s kind of crazy to think that something could be almost an antique, and it was made when I was already old enough to be skipping school.
  9. Swampthing

    A Tribute Build

    I put a pair of those on my son’s 79 collegiate. He loves having a bike made in the year as Alien.
  10. Swampthing

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    That is beautiful.
  11. Swampthing

    New today to the site ,

    Welcome. There are loads of posts and pictures to get lost in here. Enjoy the searching!
  12. Swampthing


    I used to fish a lot when I lived up north. I was a total trout bum. Maybe 90% fly fishing and a bit of spinning. I made my own spinners and tied my own flies… I haven’t fished in years, Florida warm water and still canals just didn’t donut for me. My daughter and I were planning a camping trip...
  13. Swampthing

    Has anyone here followed their dream

    Love your grips, speaking of, my chrome KHS could use a set 😉
  14. Swampthing

    Cockpit shots only

    I took a little ride last night. It’s been a while and felt really good.
  15. Swampthing


    Floor space would be cool.
  16. Swampthing

    Nice photoessay on our favorite machine

    Thanks, once I saw it I knew many here would appreciate the bikes and the words.
  17. Swampthing

    Nice photoessay on our favorite machine
  18. Swampthing

    26" Wheels with Sturmey Dyno Hubs $20

    Thank you!
  19. Swampthing

    26" Wheels with Sturmey Dyno Hubs $20

    I will take a complete wheel if any are still available.